A full ERP system designed by Xdata Solutions.

About GXD

GXD is an Enterprise solution you can run on your laptop…and priced so you can not only survive the pains of startup, but avoid being sidetracked by a software conversion later on.

Do you want to run on:

  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • AS/400/iSeries
  • DB2/400
  • PC workstations
  • Traditional Workstation
  • Client Access
  • Mixed mode

Yes! You Can With Xdata!

With trends in the computing industry moving towards open systems. The benefit of running exclusively on a single computing platform is dissolving. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. With this in mind GXD has been built to harvest the strengths of multiple platforms.

GXD runs NATIVE on:

  • Windows Server
  • Laptop or stand-alone PC
  • AS/400/ Client Access
  • AS/400-Microsoft Server PCs

In addition to running native in multiple single platform environments, GXD or XMAS/400 may run in a mixed environment where terminals, servers, and PC’s co-exist. In a mixed environment you profit from the strengths of each platform and by-pass the platform’s weaknesses. Xdata solutions, inc. has brought ERP software into the 21st Century…at a cost effective price.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable control provides both ease of entry and productivity improvements with interactive links to Purchase Order Receipts and General Ledger. Each P.O. receipt is automatically tied to Accounts Payable Vendor selection; Vendor Invoice / Voucher Entry provides a three way match of Ordered/Received/Invoiced. Vouchering suggest amounts to book based on Received but not Vouchered amounts. P.O. receiving accrual liability is readily viewable and accounted for through the General Ledger, with on demand reporting to verify subsidiary to Ledger. Standard price variance and P.O. Price variances are recorded for accounting and vendor performance. The voucher is scheduled to pay based on vendor terms and discounts, with override.

Direct distribution of Non-P.O.'s is easily handled, including selection of single or multiple G/L account distribution.

Payment selection may be grouped by vendor or due date, with a running total of payments listed. Check disbursements allows complete rollback up to the point of ink on check with complete client control. Check Reconciliation is easily handled, including groups of check reconciliation, and view approval or automatic.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable management is uncomplicated, intuitive, and powerfully detailed. View a customer account by Invoice number, Purchase Order Number, or of course by Customer… all searchable. Instant aged A/R and payment history is displayed with each retrieval. Recreate a past period ending Aged A/R detail listing at will. Payment history includes check number amount and date of payment, and any comments. Have split-terms due dating? Specific day of the month due dates? Yes, we do that too!

Cash Receipts and Adjustments provides ease of entry and powerful flexibility, and control.

Book when collected finance charges provides the means to control past due invoices… without the drudgery of tracking. Statements show finance charges… A/R does not… but when (if) paid, cash receipts automatically applies to books.

Accounts Receivable is fully integrated with Customer Order Processing and General Ledger, including a real time entry of customer invoices.

Customer Order Management

Configured Products, Assemble To Order (ATO)), Quick Ships, Service Parts, Labor, Distributor, or Schedule to build, this system provides flexibility in the management of customer orders. Management has complete control - from initial booking of an order through invoicing. Orders may be modified, shipped partially, invoiced partially and retained as long as necessary.

Configured to Order (product configurator) and ATO (assemble to order) provide an integrated direct link to production/shop workflow including a combination Bill of Material and (if used) Bill of Labor/Routing for the build thru process. Client selectable manufacture order build and release from Customer Order entry provides traceability and Job Accounting control.

Truck Load scheduling. When shipments need to be coordinated by enclosed truck load delivery sequence, there are several key factors to consider. The goods must be loaded on the truck in a reverse order of delivery; either the goods are coordinated or extra time and money is expended to arrange the load… (at the expense of the manufacturer). Truck load scheduling greatly reduces or eliminates warehouse expense by facilitating direct shop-to-truck loading. Whether you are a build to stock or build to order, This feature alone could cover the investment cost of the entire software package.

Where is Sales History most useful? We believe the answer includes Customer Order Entry, which includes Sales History Drills. From aged A/R to comparative pricing by Item…one customer compared to all others, price, cost and volume.

Much more than order entry… Customer Order Management!

General Ledger

Why should you dread Month End Processing? Someday others will discover what we know today; Timely information is critical to success. Know financially where you stand throughout the month… and close the books within minutes at the end of the period. We make closing easy, flexible and compatible with your schedule.

Monitor and control of Subsidiary and General Ledger accounting operations begin with System Setup, where subsidiary controls are established, along with default or specific account numbers. Xdata provides the check and balance between subsidiary independence and General Ledger control by clearly defining constant and default accounts within each subsidiary setup. Automatic validation of journal entries take place, and only open period(s) are postable. Multiple periods and years may be open, as controlled through System Setup.

Transactions directly update G/L through:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory and Manufacturing subsidiaries.

Journals created from the subsidiaries indicate specific source of origin, with traceability to personnel profile.

Financial report writer provides easily setup and managed reports with English action codes, including account range control, summarize, and up to 9 level subtotals. Standard reporting includes period to date, budgets, ratios, last year comparative, and 5 year comparatives.

Open DataBase Compliant (ODBC) for PC downloads…, and of course a 4 position year is explicitly used throughout.

Inventory Management

Matched sets of parts should be the goal of your inventory system. Having the right inventory… and most likely a reduced number of correct components and assemblies at the right place and the right time. We provide the tools to easily manage and facilitate a reduced carrying cost of that most valued asset Inventory. With an emphasis on Make To Order, Xdata’s Customer Order Entry module allows real time integration of non shelved inventory with the shop floor or purchasing , including the ability to monitor and control the specific manufacturing requirements, such as placing the order on hold or modifying the due dates. All transactions are accounted for by our integrated General Ledger. Both your Inventory and General Ledger (Balance sheet and Income statement) entries are real time… and in harmony… including divisional control. As our system is totally integrated, asset control, line item sales/cost of sales, receipts, issues and purchase price variance are all accounted for immediately making month end closing a breeze.

Xdata manages all disciplines of inventory; Purchased / Manufactured / Stockable / Non stocked, and non controlled Inventory… by location, by warehouse. Receipts, issues, adjustments, and moves are input, monitored, and controlled with ease and accountability… (Receive too many? Simply reverse the receipt. Close the wrong Order? Simply reopen it…)

Have special control considerations? Lot Control and Serial numbered, including 17 position VIN items are managed over multiple warehouses or locations. VIN tracking from Customer Order Entry through production facilitates industries such as Trailer or other Highway equipment manufacturing that follow the VIN from the beginning of Order Entry.

All transactions are recorded into a permanent history. Detailed transactional history is retrievable and printable by Event, Date, Order and additionally shows quantity, time Lot/Serial No. Reason, Location, and identity of person.

Product Costing

How can you know your Cost of Sales without rock solid Product Costing? Let our vast experience in the field help you un-complicate this process.

Manufactured product cost elements need to be established and controlled in a granular mode in order to gauge and manage variations. Both total cost and this level (assembly costs) are isolated, with the elements tracked for variances. New receipts are compared and examined for cost changes, including rolling the components if using Average. AND… a change in your costs affects your valuable Assets INVENTORY. We keep your subsidiary Ledger in balance with the General Ledger!

Standard/Current Standard/Frozen Average and Last cost considerations are supported. Landed cost… (freight in, taxes, or any additional inbound costs) may be clustered as an isolated element of cost…considered as part of the Asset, but not included for Purchase price comparisons.

Is Standard Cost methodology too complicated? Not sensitive to recent trends? Average Cost from Xdata is your answer. With our unique formula Average Cost will compensate for incorrect cost associated with over selling an Item (running the Inventory negative).

Product Costing Features

  • Multi-Company
  • Standard/Current/Last/Average/Frozen costs
  • Material, labor, fixed, variable overhead
  • Unit and this level cost separations
  • Isolated inbound freight cost…landed cost considerations
  • Re-cost retrieval provides instant view of new or changed Items
  • Data normalization…Item Material Cost code/Inventory Class control external table of GL Accounts for Revenue/Cost of Sales - Inventory Asset/Variance
  • One change to Cost code results all associated Items changing
  • Isolated cost rolls…Current/Standard/changed Items
  • Costed Bill of Material Retrieval/print… controllable print of current/standard/both
  • Costed Inventory report with Past Period End synchronization

Product Structure

Manage your manufacturing processes with the Bill of Material application along with Shop Routings and Item Master.

Here are some common requests from manufacturers and Xdata has included them:

  • Negative Quantities/Automatic Restocking - restocking of disassembled products and restocking of subassemblies when removing components.
  • Negative Quantities/Byproducts - create additional products using scrap and automatically add the byproduct’s quantity to inventory.
  • Multiple Occurances/Effect Dates - Allow a component to occur multiple times within a single level of a Bill, engineering changes by given date.
  • Engineering Prototypes - The ability to isolate an engineering development or prototype BOM.

Other Bill of Material Features

  • Multi-company
  • Searches, list boxes, drills
  • 99 level product structure
  • Select floor stock at component level
  • Copy Bill of Material
  • Engineering separate form Production


Xdata provides control of purchased material from requisition through receipt into Inventory. Supports direct materials for the manufacturing process as well as Capital Equipment, office supplies, service, etc. Links P.O. and Receiving to Accounts Payable providing ease of entry, data integrity, plus… check and balance of the separate Corporate functions.

Buy to Order? Drop Ship? With Xdata, Purchasing is an integral part of Customer Order entry saving time money and aggravation caused by double entry. You set the policies, Xdata orchestrates the material.

Purchasing decisions begin with inventory analysis and process through vendor performance. Matching your internal needs with the correct vendor requires knowledge of the vendor’s performance on a specific commodity or Item.

Does the vendor…

  • Deliver on time
  • Honor the required dates
  • Honor the required quantities / partials
  • Offer fair pricing
  • How does one vendor compare to another… for the same item

Vendor Price / Performance considerations are integrated into the purchase order system. All receipts and payments are recorded in a vendor analysis file that is easily retrievable and linked to the Vendor Buy Display. Drills to historical performance and Item transaction history are only part of the many features within this integrated application.

Returned Goods Authorization

Let us show you how to reduce your Returned Materials Processing Costs by eliminating the administration time, tracking costs, disposition time, and the unnecessary paper work…

Manage processing and tracking of returned materials authorizations and tracking the way YOU want to. Get out from under the paper stack! Let the system create and send returned material authorization electronically. A dynamic link between the original customer order line and the returned materials tracking and management system.

Let the integrated system automatically issue credit, track material returned to stock, issue replacement or rework orders, allow for on-sight scrap authorization, and track material location and dispositioning costs.

You probably will want to control some procedures manually of course. That’s why we built the order processing policies into the authorization processes. You decide which how to handle the claim from your customer … we’ll make sure your decisions are documented and tracked. You can concentrate on the real problems.

vLet us take the drudgery out of managing and tracking requests to return materials. We even keep a score card of the pre authorized costs verses the actual cost of each RGA claim.

Rules-Based Configurator

We listened, learned, developed and grew the Rules Based Product Configurator…we have customers that enter build and ship hundreds of Configured Items each day. If you have Assemble to Order products with various permutations of the finished goods; a catalog with bubble numbers, asterisks pointing to foot notes about requirements, limitations, exceptions and pricing considerations, the Rules Based Product configurator will save you time and money.

Costly errors such as selling mutually exclusive combinations, are avoidable. Change orders, scheduling delays, and customer complaints are avoided by selecting from compatible combinations only. This system is designed for Clerical input of Engineering controlled Rules.

Shop Floor Control

Let us show you how to reduce your Order Entry-To-Ship Time by eliminating the administration time, cost, and the unnecessary paper work…

Manage production the way YOU want to. Get out from under the paper stack! Let the system create the manufacturing order automatically and (if desired) release it to the production floor when the Customer Order is booked. (A dynamic link between the customer order line and the manufacturing order assure job tracking and updating.)

We’ll even receive the finished assembly and close the order if you like.

You probably will want to control some production orders manually of course. That’s why we built the order policy rules into Inventory; you decide which assemblies are non-stock… we’ll make sure you manufacture them! You can concentrate on the real problems.

And for those pesky jobs that you need to keep a close watch over, you can modify the components, change quantity per, modify the routing steps, issue partial / backflush remainder, issue all button, accept default locations, close short, reopen closed orders, and of course track labor and material performance along the way…in a visual environment.

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