Xe Plant

A full ERP system designed by Xerious Solutions L.L.C. for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About Xe Plant

Xe Plant is a fully integrated MRP, Project Costing and Accounting package for the small to medium manufacturer. There are 16 modules comprising the package and all run out of a single easily navigable menu. The software has multi-level security, a user interactive help system and can be customized for individual companies without loss of future upgrades. It Integrates with UPS, FedEx, and Web Sites. Runs on either Microsoft Visual FoxPro or SQL databases.

Accounts Payable

A/P handles all of your bills. Manual & Computer checks. Processing of checks is separate from check printing. 1099 Reporting, As of Aging; Credit Card Payments.

Accounts Receivable

Control your receivables. Customized Invoice & Statement forms. Receipts can be entered by locations to separate deposits. As of Aging. Credit Card processing.

Bill of Materials

Used to create Component and Subassembly lists. Used in conjunction with Sales Order and Work Order. Variable BOMs can be created to make choices when selling or making.

Contact Manager

Track Prospects and Customers. An easy to use module which interfaces with A/R Customer File. Not cumbersome like most others.

Data Collection

Also referred to as bar coding, this module allows for collection of data electronically. You tell us what devices you wish to utilize and the degree of integration that you want.

General Ledger

A simplified yet powerful financial reporter. Interfacing is automatic and postings can be to prior, present or future periods. Recurring entries can be set up and entries can be reversed. User defined account mask; custom financials set up.


Generates graphs on demand without exporting data. An invaluable tool when meeting with sales personnel or customers.

Inventory Control

Reduce inventory carrying costs. Integrates with Sales Order, Project Costing, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable & Work Order. Perform physical inventory while continuing to receive & ship. Customized pricing, multiple bins, labels, bar coding.


Easy to use and feature rich. Process payroll numerous ways without passing through numerous screens. Direct deposit wages and deductions. History information is at your fingertips.

Project Costing

This module interfaces with Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control. A simplified costing system which reports job progress and profitability.

Purchase Order

Simple to use yet powerful. Add vendors or items on the fly. Enter receipts quickly in a spreadsheet format. Even allocate freight charge across the cost of items received. Create A/P invoices directly. Container Management controls multiple Purchase Orders via a single document.

Sales Order

A feature rich module. High degree of control over customer accounts. Multiple Bill To & Ship To addresses, specialized pricing capability. Interface with pickings or key quantities shipped in a spreadsheet format. Interfaces with UPS Worldship and Freight Rating module.


Schedules Work Orders. User defined fields in Inventory allow the user to ‘customize’ the scheduling routine. Schedule can be locked/unlocked and manually manipulated. Schedule is readily available with numerous filters.

Warehouse Management

PDA devices are used to control incoming, outgoing and movement within the warehouse. Interfaces with container management.

Work Order

Work Orders are optional. When used they can be created manually if building to stock, or automatically by sales orders requiring additional stock. Work Order form is customized for each customer.

Xe Freight

Rates carriers and recommends lowest cost carrier. Bill of Lading is automatically created from Sales Order. Audit hundreds of freight bills quickly and automatically create the Payables.

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