A materials resource planning system designed by Accounting Technology, LLC for manufacturing companies.

About AutoPO MRP

This add-on, which is designed and developed for use with Sage 100 (formerly MAS90 and MAS200), gives you the ability to automatically generate the Purchase Orders that the MRP Generation suggests via the Purchase Order Register, and add a Print Option to that Register. Without this add-on, the PO register is simply that – a register that guides you to manual entries of PO’s. This allows you to finalize that register by automatically creating the Purchase Orders using the MRP data recommendations. Using this enhancement to the MRP presupposes user familiarity with the functions of the MRP.


  • The MRP AutoPO system uses the Action By Vendor File (ABV) to create an AutoPO Register. Where quantities of items needed are combined by Vendor and Interval (or ýbucketý) number according to ACTION BY DATE. The starting date (of Interval 1) Interval length (days) and number of intervals is specified by the user during the MRP Generation opening window or the ABV opening window.
  • Added AutoPO Setup Options to the MRP Setup Menu: Run this program to activate the AutoPO system for a company, and set up the following options:
  • Modifications to MRP Generation process:
    • Added AutoPO info to opening window (Starting Date, Interval and Number of Intervals).
    • Changed to require ACTION BY VENDOR report to be run if AutoPO setup option is set accordingly.
  • Modification to Action By Vendor Report:
    • Added AutoPO info to opening window (only processes when run from the menu). New fields will only be enabled if AutoPO is activated for this company.
    • When running from the menu (and not part of the MRP Generation process) if AutoPO Register exists, system alerts user that register will be rebuilt and allows user to cancel report.
    • Logic has been added to rebuild AutoPO Register files each time action by vendor report is run. (A list of POs can be printed if option is setup).
  • Added AUTO GENERATE PURCHASE ORDERS to the MRP Main Menu: Run this program to perform maintenance on the MRP AutoPO Register (to change quantities to buy in line items and/or delete vendors/items) and to print the register. After register is clean, click on the CREATE PO’S button to actually create them. Purchase Orders will be created for all entries in the MRP AutoPO Register, then the Register will be purged. A list of purchase orders automatically generated prior to the purge will be produced if this MRP AutoPO setup print option is turned on.

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User Reviews of AutoPO MRP

Submitted on June 11th, 2019 by Dawn Sherrill

Since 2007 Accounting Technology has been working with our company and its ever-expanding need for technology in the workplace. Not only has Accounting Technology been of assistance on daily training and problem-solving needs, but has been instrumental in our business’ ability to pivot and expand in the government contracting arena.

Submitted on June 11th, 2019 by David Lang

We have worked with Larry at Accounting Technology since we started our company 15 years ago. We now have multiple warehouse locations throughout the US. Larry has helped us every step of the way. He is extremely responsive to all our needs and is always available to assist us, even with issues requiring immediate action. Without Larry’s help we would not have been able to successfully grow our business, nor meet the demands of our clients