A tool to get your project into production.

About Eziil

Eziil is developing the best digitalisation software for project-based metal manufacturing where every project is unique and getting projects in to system is a challenge. They make it simple and help you get overview about your production so you can make decision based on information. Knowing how much capacity you have, where you can promise new deadlines, what departments are over loaded become a bottleneck, how far is production are you ahead time or pass deadlines and at the end knowing was the project profitable or not. All this knowledge lets to makes work smarter, not harder.

Eziil Features

  • BOM: Systemise your production data, prepare technology faster and get your projects into production. Eziil BOM gives your team one single source of truth. Waste less time on administrative work, make fewer mistakes and keep your production running.
  • Planning: Know exactly what needs to be done, when, and how much time it really takes. Plan and schedule production to make your manufacturing process flow with maximum efficiency.
  • Procurement: Manage all your outsourcing needs from subcontracting to project-based material purchasing to planning and buying standardised materials. Make sure procurement never delays your production.
  • Warehouse: Optimize your stock management with a real-life overview of batches, certificates, prices, etc. Know exactly what you have in stock, where, and for how long.
  • Reporting: Collect feedback from the shop floor about project status, prognosis, and outcome. Collect direct reporting from production machines about certificates, materials, the QC process, and more.
  • Overview: Get a complete overview of your past, present and ongoing projects. Compare expectations to reality and find out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Delivery: Ship your products quickly and easily. Don’t waste time on double paperwork and put together all relevant project documentation, certificates, bills, drawings, etc. in one easy step.

Eziil Target Market

  • Made to order type of production who make project from metal for construction industry. The best fit company starts from 20 people until 250 people.
  • Project per year more than 100 and containing 100+ parts inside. Bigger the better, because more complicated it gets. Also one potential fit indicator is number of manufacturing engineers. Main value adding service is welding. Process is heavily controlled by certificates like EN1090 and Execution Classes.

Eziil Pricing

The cost of Eziil starts at $300/month. The pricing model is based on modules and the number of users. There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Eziil

Submitted on December 9th, 2021 by Margus Tamme from Timbeco Woodhouse

Making warehouse entries [with Eziil] became 50% more efficient. Before, the entries were done by two people, but now the workload is reduced to one person. In addition, everyone now has an overview of the state of the stock balance.