A materials resource planning system designed by pc/MRP for accounting/legal/professional and manufacturing companies.

About pc/MRP

This software would be most advantageous for a small to mid-sized business that wanted to run its entire operation from one software package. The very best feature of the product is its price performance ratio. It would be hard to find a package that will bring you more bang for the buck. Among the program’s best features are its wide selection of report generators, automatic pick label generation, cycle counting, serial number and lot traceability, direct to supplier P.O. faxing, theoretical and actual job costing, and sales tracking options. Also, you can place orders against the top level of a product or against lower level BOMS (this is especially useful in a spares environment) pc/MRP also has a new Quickbooks Export module that further extends the use of pc/MRP into QuickBooks Accounting.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Module allows you to enter, edit and printout accounts payable vouchers and reports. Since pc/MRP uses receivers as account payable vouchers it is not necessary to use this module for items that are received by receiving. Items that are not received, such as rent, can be entered as an accounts payable voucher. The accounts payable voucher will be assigned the next available receiver number and actually become a receiver record with a “00AP” line item number. If auto accounting is on (in the configuration menu), entering a receiver or accounts payable voucher will automatically make an entry into the general ledger, debiting purchases and crediting accounts payable.

Accounts Receivable/Billing

The Accounts Receivable Module allows you to enter, edit and printout accounts receivable vouchers and reports. Since pc/MRP uses invoices as account receivable vouchers it is not necessary to use this module for items that are invoiced. Items that are not invoiced can be entered as an accounts receivable voucher.

Address Book

pc/MRP’s Address Book Module contains vital customer/vendor information.

Features Include:

  • Large 6 Line Addresses
  • Billing/Shipping/Remittance
  • Pop up messages
  • Optional Tickler
  • Display Map
  • Email

General Ledger

The General Ledger Module allows you to enter accounting transactions in the general ledger. Once the transactions have been entered you can edit scroll or print the transactions. You can also print out checks for those transactions either singularly or by batch.


pc/MRP’s Inventory Module contains the costs, price qty breaks, on hand qtys, WIP qtys and other vital information for each part number.

Features Include:

  • Digital images/Documents
  • Average, Std, FIFO costing
  • Vendor price qty breaks
  • Customer price qty breaks
  • Price qty breaks from WEB
  • Cycle counts
  • Physical inventories
  • Inventory value for any date


pc/MRP’s Purchasing Module allows users to enter, edit, duplicate and print out purchase orders and reports.

Features Include:

  • Display/Print/Fax/Email
  • Blanket Purchase Orders
  • Large 6 Line Addresses
  • Remittance Address
  • Selectable Terms/Conditions
  • Unlimited Comments/Line Item
  • Custom Boiler Plate
  • Duplicate PO Option


pc/MRP’s Stockroom Module is used to issue parts/sub-assys to sales and work orders and receive back the completed assemblies from manufacturing.

Features Include:

  • Issue Assys/Parts to mfg
  • Receive back completed Assys
  • Receive back partial quantities
  • Track shortages
  • Issue makeup shortages
  • Transfer between areas
  • Check Availability Option

Product Overview

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