A multi-module management system designed by Ansin Technology Group for educational services and non-profit organizations.

About SOS

SOS is your complete member database that includes all the accounting and fundraising functionality you will need to run your membership based organization, be it for-profit or non-profit. This software package will give your membership organization one integrated system to eliminate duplication and increase efficiency.

SOS integrates with BusinessWorks, QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree, Microsoft Small Business Financials, Mas90 and several other well known package. The system will take all invoice, payment, and credit information and apply it to the appropriate G/L Account in your accounting system. All posting of data is done in real-time so your Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows are always current and accurate. Some of the key features of the system can be seen below:

  • Compatible with Excel, Word, Access and other Microsoft Office applications.
  • For schools, setup unlimited class types and classes
  • Event Seating
  • Detailed billing and receivables
  • Room scheduling and cemetery modules available
  • Custom database view feature allows you to produce many reports.
  • Export reports to text file, Excel, and merge with Microsoft Word.
  • Store your previous Queries in a Linked database
  • Integrates with QuickBooks, Peachtree, BusinessWorks, Microsoft Small Business Financials, Fundware, Real World, MIP
  • Built-in help system, user FAQs, and a detailed manual ensure you will be able to resolve any issues independently
  • Excellent Technical Support to assist any issues you have that cannot be resolved independently.
  • Available either as a Hosted solution or install on your Local Area Network
  • Import data from your other accounting systems
  • Credit Card Processing directly from within SOS
  • Program can be customized to meet your specific needs
  • Built-in Word Processing
  • Pre-defined Member and Financial Reports, including

Financials Screens

The Financial Screens in SOS give you all you need to manage your finances. The Management screen features several incredibly useful functions of the system:

  • Accounts Receivable Screen
    • Create Dues Invoices, School, One-time, long term invoices and supplemental invoices
    • Invoices can allow for anywhere from 1 - 12 installment payments a year
    • Bill and invoice individually or by group
    • Track Cash receipts, by member, fund
    • Create acknowledgement letters to receive confirmation of payments.
    • Create reports by any of the funds
    • Automatic disbursements to G/L account and members detailed account receivable.
    • Keep tracks of all pledges and donations by category.
  • Detailed member statement Screen
    • Installment schedule
    • Past Due analysis
    • Notes on statement
    • Payment history
    • User Defined messages on statement
    • Display aging schedule
    • Enter credit card payment options
  • SOS Billing Items Screen
    • Add and Update billing Items
    • Transmits info directly to your G/L
    • Enter and Change G/L structure
  • SOS Billing Groups Screen
    • Setup billing groups to bill similar members simultaneously
    • Members can be assigned to one or more groups.
    • Can be used to create invoices per billing group
    • Reports can be run by billing group
  • Financial Summary Screen
    • Display a member’s invoice and payment history
    • Results can be printed or exported to Excel
  • Payments Screen
    • Apply payments to any invoice
    • Auto pay feature to apply an amount to invoices
    • Change accounts and batches without leaving the screen
    • Add cash receipts
    • Display past summary and installment schedule
  • Management Reports Screen - features several reports including:
    • Account Receivable aging
    • Batch Reports by date or batch number
    • Cash Flow by month
    • Deposits by Member
    • Donations by Member
    • Donations by Year for past 3 years
    • Invoice details by Billing Item
    • Invoice details by Billing Group
    • Invoice details by G/L account
    • Member Invoice History
    • Payments by Date or member
    • Past Due by Member
    • End of year tax letter

Management Screens

The Management Screens in SOS give you all you need to manage your members and finances. The Management screen features several incredibly useful functions of the system:

  • Membership Information Screen

  • Store an unlimited number of members with multiple addresses, emergency names, numbers, or cell phone numbers.

  • 35 fields for storing member information, with 12 user-defined field.

  • Store Anniversary date, Join Date, Renew Date, etc.

  • Send emails to any member or contact.

  • Produce personalized mailing labels

  • Store individual member notes

  • Audit Trail Screen - The audit trail will keep a detailed log of when changes were made, storing the previous data as well

  • Reminders Screen

  • Assign ticklers to use as reminders.

  • Ticklers feature allows you to include a description

  • Use find option to search for members by tickler or tickler date

  • Member List Screen

  • Search for members by Last Name, First Name, Member Number or Join date

  • View and organize lists by member type, member attribute, or view archived members.

  • SOS Calendar

    • Input upcoming events
    • Special dates in a shared network environment
    • Setup you own holidays
    • Print calendar notes for any date range
    • Track Reminders
  • Activities/Committees Screen

    • Add as many activities as you need to track.
    • Assign members to a committee
    • Print reports, labels, letters for any activity
    • Send an email to any member of a committee with an email address.
    • Print a list of members not involved in any activities
  • Member Attributes Screen

    • Allows you to assign keywords to members.
    • Keywords can describe the member allowing you to search members by attribute.
    • Assign multiple attributes to each member
  • Reports Screen - In the reports screen you can search any of the following fields

    • Member Number or Last Name
    • City or Zip code range
    • Birth Month, Day range
    • Join Date and Anniversary range
    • Resign Date and Renew Date Range
    • Gender and Age range
    • Occupation
    • Public School and Grade
    • Members with Multiple addresses
  • Member Notes Screen - allows you to record regular notes, confidential notes, and doctor’s notes.

  • Member Attributes Screen

  • Track special skills per member

  • Add and update Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation dates

  • Print reports within on any selected attribute

Religious Screens

The Religious Screens in SOS give you all you need to manage your religious organization, be it a cemetery, church or synagogue. The Religious screens features several incredibly useful functions of the system:

  • SOS Cemetery Reports
    • Setup multiple cemeteries, with multiple sections and plots
    • Track the plots sold per member
    • Print reports in a multitude of ways including all available, occupied, by section or cemetery
  • Cemetery Assignments Screen
    • Assign members with plots
    • Transfer plots between members
    • Restricts you from assigning the same plot twice
  • Yahrzeits Screen
    • Add unlimited number of yahrzeits
    • Associate any deceased person with as many notifyees as needed.
    • Automatically converts Civil Dates to Hebrew Dates.
    • Track notifications for Bulletins, Book of Remembrance, Plaque number and more.
    • Create lists by Civil date of Death or Hebrew Date
    • Sort by English Name, Civil Date, Hebrew Name, Member Number, Plaque Number, etc.
    • Directly print lists of deceased people, notifyee lists, labels, letters and export any of the data.
  • Yahrzeit Reports
    • Create reports within a date range (Civil Date or Hebrew Date)
    • Create List of Notifyees
    • Develop custom Yahrzeit Letters and Lists

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