A fundraising application designed by Intrepid Systems.

About DonorQuest

DonorQuest is designed to meet the donation tracking and fundraising needs of nonprofit organizations. Besides acting as a complete donor and prospect mail list program, DonorQuest is able to maintain all the information you need about current and potential contributors. DonorQuest comes with many useful reports and a selection facility that allows you to perform a selection (query) as broad or as specific as you need. Together these two essential features allow you to perform a selection about the specific gifts and giving patterns of your contributors and respond to these gifts and giving patterns with specialized thank-you letters and tightly targeted campaign mailings. There is also a comprehensive donor contact management facility with date-based reminders.

Beyond these critical features, DonorQuest is also capable of running on a multi-user network. This will allow multiple users to perform data entry and reporting operations simultaneously. You could have many users entering donations, running reports, etc., all at the same time.

Whether or not you’re running on a network, DonorQuest offers optional password security. If you choose to use this feature, then one or more people in your organization will be responsible for maintaining user accounts for DonorQuest. When a user starts DonorQuest, he or she will be asked to enter their user name and password. If DonorQuest does not know the person trying to access the database, he/she will not be allowed in. Once in DonorQuest, each user will be limited in the level of access they will have to sensitive data, depending on how their user account was set up.


Advanced User Management

DonorQuest includes multi-level password protection so you have granular control over what users can see and do in the system. You can even customize the tabs that each user can see and with the multi-user version, it’s easy to see who else is logged into the database.

Contact Manager

The DonorQuest contact and grant manager helps you track all interactions with your donors and allow you to set follow up reminders. You can even assign a follow-up to another user in the system.

Data Import and Export

DonorQuest includes a powerful import and export module with the ability to update existing donor records as well as add new donor accounts. You can also export records from DonorQuest to a text file or directly into a spreadsheet.

Donation Statistics and Graphs

Quickly see donation and pledge totals for campaigns and funds. And with the built-in donation graph, it’s easy to track total donations by year, month and even week.

Donor Management

DonorQuest helps you manage your donors, prospects, board members, foundations, volunteers and any other entities that are involved with your organization. It also enables you to efficiently manage all of these entities, discover new relationships, share information and become a more effective fundraiser.

Fundraising Management

Track all of your fundraising efforts including pledges, donations, campaigns, funds, solicitations and contacts with your constituents. Track relationships between donors with linkages feature.

Powerful Query Engine

Use one of the many pre-defined selections or create custom selections. Selections can be powerful for gaining insight into your fundraising activities and includes many of the common queries like LYBUNT (last year but unfortunately not this year) and SYBUNT (some year but unfortunately not this year).


Over 400 stock reports to choose from or create your own with the custom report writer. DonorQuest even includes the ability to import and export report definitions so you can share with another DonorQuest user.


DonorQuest Online

Max Users Price
1 $80/month
3 $180/month
6 $320/month

DonorQuest Leased (Locally Installed)

Max Users Price
1 $70/month
Unlimited $230/month

DonorQuest Licensed (Locally Installed)

Max Users Price
1 $1400/one-time
Unlimited $3600/one-time

Additional Services

Service Price
Online System Backup $100/restore
Data Conversion $150/hour
Custom Programming $150/hour
Custom Reports and Queries $100/hour
On-Site Training $1395 + $75 per trainee
Telephone or Web Training $100/hour

Extra costs may be incurred depending on the complexity of your data, types of reports, and travel expenses for technical support

Product Overview

  • Developer Intrepid Systems
  • Type Nonprofit Accounting Software
  • Client OS Windows, macOS, Linux, Web
  • Deployment Cloud or On-Premises
  • Starting Price $70/month

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User Reviews of DonorQuest

Submitted on January 20th, 2022 by Anonymous

We are long-time DonorQuest users and have appreciated the many features of the fundraising and donor tracking system, as well as the incredibly responsive and helpful customer support provided by Patrick. In reporting, there are numerous report and export formats to choose from, many are easy to recreate to customize for our specific needs or, if needed, Patrick is quick to advise or create a new report for us. We have just started using the statistical reports, which will be a great tool in allowing us to really analyze and understand our donors’ trends and habits, and the flexibility of these is extremely helpful. Our next DQ step is to move to the online system, which we are very excited about.

Submitted on January 20th, 2022 by Anonymous

I have been using this product for a number of years, and could not be more impressed with the software and the customer support offered. It is very user-friendly, and offers a very robust menu of options to best suit our needs. I would highly recommend this product!