A web-based software system designed by Perimeter Software for non-profit organizations.

About NextGift

NextGift is your non-profits complete solution to automating your donation, contribution, and pledge acceptance over the Internet or in your office. This product gives your customers an easy alternative to making such payments. Benefits of this software are:

  • Campaigns - NextGift gives you the ability to communicate campaign information and offer up-to-date campaign information to your members and constituents.
  • Pledges - With NextGift you can: accept pledges for ongoing on one-time campaigns, accept donations toward pledges and offer multiple pledge frequencies (e.g. weekly, monthly, or annually)
  • Contributions - Contributions can be accepted any time of day with the online acceptance options. Contributors can make contributions by credit card or with an online check.
  • Purposes - Purposes for contributions can be customized by you, and contributors can give one or several purposes for contributions.
  • Branding - Your organizations branding efforts can be easily transferred to your registration and ticketing pages. Meaning, your colors, fonts and graphics will all be visible to your buyers, giving them an added sense of security when purchasing online
  • E-Commerce - You are able to add any payment method you would like to your eCommerce functions (e.g. comps, internal transfers, or coupons). Daily deposits are made into your accounts, from your ecommerce actions.
  • Email - Send custom emails using the ýmail-mergeý style template builder for confirmations, reminders, fundraising, or other marketing purposes
  • Accounting - NextEvent allows you to run batch sales reports by day agent, or drawer. Furthermore, this system will quickly reconcile credit card, check and cash batches.
  • Scalability - This product supports thousands of users, and since it is web-based requires no additional IT hardware, software, or staff.
  • Integration - NextEvent can import contacts, members, or any other data from any text file. It can also export transactions, members, contacts, and any other data to worksheets and text files.
  • Reporting - NextEvent gives you dozens of built in reports, and using report filters, you can produce reports of any individual marketing segment.

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