A web-based software system designed by Perimeter Software for non-profit organizations.

About NextMember

NextMember is the complete member acquisition and management for you non-profit organization. Benefits of this product include:

  • Data Maintenance - NextMember can be integrated with any ODBC database or file. Additionally, you are able to create, browse, edit, insert, and delete any page of any table
  • Content Management - Text and HTML content can be stored in the Content Database. The content editor also gives you the ability to quickly update content to make announcements or last-minute details.
  • Email and Fax Messaging - With NextMember you are able to create custom, personalized messages to communicate important information to members and contacts. If a member in your system doesn’t have an e-mail address you are able to send faxes to them. Finally, NextMember gives you the ability to communicate to a specific customer segment by sending messages to a filtered list.
  • Documents, Images, Pictures, and Data Files - The document database can store any type of document, which can be found by a keyword search; all documents are able to be viewed by any member you allow.
  • Online Forms and Surveys - With NextMember’s form and survey builder you can eliminate paper forms and build new forms or surveys. Surveys can contain any number of questions you desire, and the data gathered from them can be analyzed and reported on.
  • Reports - Detailed or summary reports can be built and printed very easily.
  • Imports/Exports - NextIntegration supports any data source, such as an ODBC database, or delimited-text file
  • Categories & Customization - All member information is organized in categories and subcategories. You are able to create unlimited categories as well as unlimited subcategories with unlimited levels in your category hierarchy. Any object in the system can be linked to any category or subcategory, or multiple combinations of the two.

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