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About GivingFuel

GivingFuel is easy to implement and amazingly simple to use. Most organizations feel limited in their online fundraising due to technical requirements, security threats and complicated server/software details. Likewise, donors are intimidated by security threats and shy away from a complicated donation interfaces.

GivingFuel makes the entire process easy for you and your donors. It’s why thousands of organizations use us every day to raise millions of dollars. See some of the big names of organizations who use us.

The conundrum: The language of IT geeks and technical gurus can be intimidating. Installing an online donation form yourself can be complicated, technical and expensive.

With GivingFuel, all the hard work is done for you. We provide a simple and secure interface to manage all your online donation campaigns in one place. Within a few minutes of using GivingFuel, you’re empowered for fundraising like you never thought possible. While you raise thousands of dollars for your cause, we manage all the hard work for you behind the scenes.

  • No Software To Install and No Programmers Needed

You’re setup to start receiving donations in minutes, not weeks. GivingFuel is 100% web based and manageable anywhere in the world, any time. There is no software to install and not a single line of code you or a programmer need to worry about. We constantly add new features and enhance our system giving you the best and latest technology.

  • Funds Go To You, Not Us:

Every donation received is instantly on its way to your bank account while other donation software companies may collect and hold your donations on your behalf. Accept every major credit card, paypal and virtual checks.

  • Totally Secure and PCI Compliant:

Here’s some specs to make your security team smile: They use banking level 256 bit SSL encryption on bullet proof PCI compliant servers which are completely backed up every 15 minutes. Their data center is SSAE 16 compliant as well.

  • Superior Support Team:

You are never alone if you have a question, or need help. Call and talk to our famous support staff, send an email, schedule an in-office visit, chat or search our extensive knowledge base of help articles. You have an issue, we’re here to help you resolve it.

Accept All Payment Forms

Successful online fundraising is about a convenient process for the donor by giving individuals the payment options they prefer. It’s why GivingFuel is compatible to accept nearly every form of online payment available including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal and Virtual Check.

All of these options are in your hands. A settings panel inside your GivingFuel account let’s you add forms of payment as well as acceptable card types and methods. You can even specify specific forms of payment for specific campaigns if you’d like!

Please note, you will need to confirm with your merchant service provider the forms of payment you are receiving on GivingFuel.

Complete Design Control

  • Fields and Inputs:

There is no restriction on the number of fields or inputs you can have on your campaign form. You decided what information to collect from donors and which fields are required. You control every input and option.

  • Graphic Design Customization:

No other donation system allows you to make your donation forms look like anything you desire. Create headers, background images, styles, fonts, colors and even complete control over the CSS of the page. There are no design limits with GivingFuel.

  • Financial Options:

You can configure every giving campaign the way you want it. You can setup your campaign for a specific amount at recurring intervals or make it a suggested amount. For maximum flexibility, allow the donor to decide their donation amount and if their donation is one time or recurring. Add a checkbox or any additional donation upgrades to the campaign within moments.

  • Customized Communication:

GivingFuel gives you total control on receiving the donation as well as the communications that follow the donation. Set customized email confirmations, page receipts and even customized messages when a card has declined or is about to expire.

  • Customized Year-End Summaries:

Create professional-looking, year-end summaries directly from GivingGuel and email them to your donors. Customize the message, graphics and corporate details in the summary. Follow up with the option to choose to view and print the summary or email your donors the summary. With 3 clicks, you can send all your donors their year end summaries for their online contributions!

  • Customized Exporting:

GivingFuel gives you unparalleled customization for how you want to access your data. Build custom excel reports in seconds with our easy exporting screen.

Group Fundraising

Did you hear that donating has become hip? Group fundraising is a fast-growing trend and GivingFuel can help you become apart of it!

All our online donation campaigns work in conjunction with our group fundraising technology called GroupRev. The idea is simple: Empower your supporters and donors with a custom fundraising website that gathers the support of their friends and family to donate directly to you.

With other group fundraising websites, you have to divert your precious donations to a third party bank or website where fees pick at your precious funds for 30 days. With GroupRev, you get the most advanced group collaborative fundraising technology which also works directly with any GivingFuel campaign. GroupRev costs just 79 cents per donation!

Customized Fundraising Pages for Every Donor:

There is no better way to engage your supporters than to give them tools to get their friends and family involved. On GroupRev, donors can create their very own fundraising webpages with custom images, videos, graphics and a personalized story.

Facebook Integration

GroupRev syncs with Facebook allowing people to like, share and comment directly on the fundraising page using their social networking account. Comments, shares and likes will post directly back to Facebook for all to see. GroupRev turns fundraising into a social interaction for friends and family with the potential to go viral.

Goal Tracking

Each fundraiser can set their own fundraising goal. The system will automatically track progress and update the thermometer and goal progress. View amount raised, number of donations received, percentage to goal and time remaining.

Real Time Visitor Reporting

Instant gratification! One of the best features of our group fundraising pages is the ability to see how many people have viewed each fundraising page. We’ve added a global map, so you can track visitors around the world in real time! Unleash your campaign and spread like wildfire across the web!

Organizational Control

As an organization, they give you unparalleled access control to specific graphics, images, videos and descriptions for all fundraising pages. You can allow which areas of the fundraising page are editable and also lock header graphics and color schemes to match your organization. You create the template and Let em run!

Mobile Giving

The big buzz these days is mobile web technology.

Within a few years, internet-enabled Smartphones will overtake the U.S. phone market. It’s a huge opportunity for your organization to capitalize on fundraising directly from literally the palm of your donor’s hands.

On-the-Go Donations Made Easy

Traditionally, if you wanted to have a mobile-compatible online donation form, you’d need the help of designers and programmers to customize the dimensions, graphics and settings of your donation page. Not with GivingFuel.

The moment you create your online giving campaign with GivingFuel, they create a mobile compatible version that looks automatically amazing on smartphones. Besides enabling you to tap the mobile revolution, they give your donors a powerful tool to share and donate to you anywhere, anytime.

Recurring Giving

GivingFuel gives you the ability to set up recurring donations on any of your online giving forms with a few simple clicks. Inside GivingFuel, they give you a subscription dashboard that shows you every recurring donation. You can manage, edit, pause, delete and update any detail within seconds.

The combinations are endless for how you can set your recurring giving options. GivingFuel gives you unlimited online donation campaigns so you can try any number of combinations to see what your donors prefer.

Common Ways to Use Recurring Online Donations:

  • Donor Decides: The most flexible option for donors is to give to allow them to specify the amount and also the frequency. You can give donors several intervals to choose from including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly and everything in between.

  • Preset Interval or Amount: One of our most popular online giving campaigns is Not For Sale’s campaign to raise $28 dollars a month to emancipate people in slavery. It’s been wildly successful in raising money and awareness to human trafficking. If you have a target monthly amount and interval, you can easily set it in GivingFuel.

  • Recurring with an Additional One-Time Amount: Give donors the ability to give a one-time gift AND a separate recurring gift at the same time. This is common if people want to give an addition one time amount separate from their recurring pledge. They do all the math and scheduling for you making it simple and easy for you and your donors.

  • Future Start Date: Let your donors choose which day of the month they want their recurring donation to be drawn from their account by specifying their preferred start date. They pre-authorize the payment to verify it’s authenticity and then schedule it to be processed with your other recurring donations.

  • Max Number of Donations: If your fundraising campaign is for a target amount or date, you can specify a maximum number of recurring donation cycles to occur for donors. It’s ideal for donors who want to discontinue their recurring pledge after a year or a specific number of donations.


The only thing better than creating professional and effective online donation campaigns is the ability to see the results in real time.

GivingFuel allows you countless ways to run and export reports as well as see detailed graphs comparing daily volume across all your campaigns. Reports are updated in real time and you can run as many searches and reports as your heart desires.

Our customer center also allows you to take a quick glance at all your customers and update their records in seconds while also reviewing their history of transactions. Managing your transaction data and donor records has never been easier!

Batch Reporting

Available with a Cornerstone Merchant account, GivingFuel has built a bridge between your transaction data and your bank deposits.

No other system allows you to link, group and deposit your captured Visa/Mastercard transactions. Your finance department or bookkeeper will love to know their reporting will report back the exact deposit ID from your bank as well as the deposit date. This feature pays your already ridiculously low GivingFuel fees for years to come simply by the amount of time saved reconciling bank statements.

Year End Summary Reporting

Directly from the GivingFuel customer center, you can create year end statement summaries for each donor in seconds!

First, build a custom statement template with your tax ID number, organization information and custom thank you message. Then their system will generate a unique year end statement for every donor which you can view, email or export. Best of all, you can send ALL your year end summaries to all your donors via email with just a few clicks.

Imagine being able to send thousands of summaries in the amount of time it takes to order a latte at Starbucks? If you wish to express your thanks and gratitude, their office likes Chipotle, chocolate and energy drinks.


Their software is protected by a Verisign256 bit SSL security encryption – the same level encryption used by major banks. All transactions are processed, transmitted and store securely on a PCI Compliant network where all your data is securely encrypted several times within their secure data center located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Their PCI Compliance is certified through McAfee Secure, the leader in online security, and a pdf certification can be provided upon request. Their server and software bundles are equipped with industry-leading techniques to detect, block and diffuse attempts by spammers, hackers and bots to interfere with their system.

They also have a global monitoring system that monitors their uptime round the clock and gives us up to the second details on server metrics, performance and speed.

Their Data Center

Their state-of-the-art servers are managed by AtlantaNAP, the region’s newest large scale data center and disaster recovery center which has been SAS 70 Type II certified and also SSAE-16 Type II certified. The security at their Atlanta data center is unrivaled.

With a 10 foot razor fence, keycarded entry, and a security system including redundant security camera servers, biometric handprint scanning, and trained security guards, their colocation services are the safest in Atlanta. The connection at theirAtlanta facility is sitting directly on one of AGL’s main fiber backbones, and is part of a metro ethernet ring based on Extreme Networks 10 gig technology.

Round the Clock Backups

Your data is very important to us. They have built a sophisticated backup system to run alongside their live servers to make sure every piece of data in theirsystem is backed up every 15 minutes. As their system captures real time data, they setup database replication servers dedicated just for making backups. With replication, all changes to a database is replicated to one or more redundant servers.

Typically, replication is used for distributing requests, but it’s also excellent for making frequent redundant backups. In their replication routine, they created a mirroring process that writes all queries and requests into a binary file that records every single new request and action. This binary file is the master link that allows their main production servers to continue to run at full speed all the time without ever having to go into backup mode and pause service.

Their redundant servers, acting as a slave that references the binary file, updates itself in real time. As fast as the binary file is being written, a complete separate backup is happening simultaneously. This all happens off the main rack. This slave server also has its own redundancies and can be locked at any time to do a full backup on a remote drive if needed. They take full complete snapshots of the redundant servers every 15 minutes and are backed up separately.

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