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Auction Maestro Pro

A report writer application designed by MaestroSoft for non-profit organizations.
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AuctionMaestro gives you everything you need to run silent our outloud charity auctions. This product will streamline data entry, and easily creates all pre-event publications, reducing volunteer burnout. The program allows you to enter detailed item information with certificate requirements and tax information; and the donor of the item. The silent auction features allow you to increase revenue with the existence of pre-printed bid steps and guaranteed purchase prices. Auction Maestro is also capable of producing invoices and calculating the money made on auctions. This system will store full financial records for access at any point in the future. Finally, you can automate the creation of thank you letter for donors and attendees.

Auction Maestro can product many reports… some for financial purposes other purely for internal informational purposes. The following reports are:

  • Attendee Reports:
    • Attendee Check-In List
    • Attendee Check-In List By Name, Table, Bid#
    • Attendee Registration Notes
    • Invitation Address List
    • Purchaser Summary
    • Who Bought What (5 Different Formats)
    • Enter Bidder Amounts for Items Manually
  • Audit Reports
    • Attendees Missing Bidder Number
    • Audit Attendees Not Paid
    • Audit Catalog for Omissions
    • Audit Missing Donors
    • Incomplete Addresses
    • Potential Duplicate People
  • Catering Reports
    • Catering Menu
    • Catering Summary Report
    • Catering Summary Report - By Table
  • Seating Reports
    • Attendee Table Assignments
    • Seating (Table) Attendees Unassigned
    • Seating (Table) Report
    • Seating (Table) Report with Notes
    • Seating Report for Room Setup
  • Bidder Reports
    • Bidder List By Number
    • Bidder Name & Address List
    • Auction Type List
  • Donor Reports
    • Donor Index by Company (Catalog Numbers)
    • Donor Index by Name (Catalog Numbers)
    • Donor Item Summary - by Company
    • Donor List (5 Different Formats)
    • Donor Recap by Organization Member
    • Donor Report - Solicitor List of Potential Donors
    • Donor Report by Organization Member
    • Donor Report Summary by Organization Member
    • Donor Thank You Letter Status
  • Invoices
    • Auction Invoice
    • Event Invoice
  • Miscellaneous Reports
    • Milestones - Detail Report
    • Milestones Late or Soon to Come Due
    • Maestro Referral Coupon
    • Membership Directory
    • Organization Position Assignments
    • Packaged Item Detail
    • Quick Check by Attendee Name
    • Quick Check by Table
    • Custom Catalog Detail
    • Custom Label Detail
    • Solicitation Summary by Organization Member / Solicitor
  • Financial Reports
    • Account Statements
    • Account Statements Balance Due
    • Accounting Payments Posted
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Auction Event Financial Summary
    • Donor Revenue Split
    • Expense & Budget Report
    • Expense Category Budget Report
    • Summary Reports - Styles include: Fund-an-Item, Merchandise, Tax Collected, Income by Auction, Items Not Sold
    • Income - Auction Purchase Reconciled by: Payment Method or by Purchaser, Income by Payment Method
  • Yield Reports
    • Yield by Auction
    • Yield by Bidder
    • Yield by Catalog # (Item Number)
    • Yield by Descending %
    • Yield by Item Category
    • Yield by Item Category (Summary)
    • Yield by Table
    • Yield by Team
    • Yield by Team - Not Sold
  • Statistical Reports
    • Bidding Summary Report
    • Collection Value Progress to Goal
    • Collection Value Progress to Goal by Team
    • Projected Auction Totals
    • Totals by Item Category
    • Totals Collected by Organization Member
    • Totals Collected by Team

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