Cost Control

A software system designed by BGE.

About Cost Control

BGE Cost Control provides extended flexibility in managing the accounting side of the Cost of Goods Sold in Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing (SOP). With Cost Control you can:

  • View the total cost and profit margin of a sales document (quote, order or invoice) as it is entered
  • Override the cost of items entered in SOP and use the overridden cost when posting the transaction.
  • Post cost for items defined in inventory with a type ýMiscellaneous Chargesý, ýServicesý and ýFlat Feesý.

Product Description

When BGE Cost Control is installed, three new fields are added to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Transaction Entry window: Total Cost, Gross Profit and Profit Margin.

CC can save the total cost of a specific sales transaction in User Defined 4 for reporting purposes. Similarly, the profit margin of a specific sales transaction can be stored in User Defined 5. This is useful when you want to include this data in reports.

Out of the box, Dynamics GP" does not post costs which do not reflect a withdrawal from inventory. These costs include Flat Fees, Miscellaneous Charges and Services. With Cost Control, you can post any or all of these costs to the General Ledger simply by marking the appropriate box(es) in the setup window.

You can also allow the user to change the item unit cost in the ýSales Transaction Entryý window. This feature allows you to set up various ýwhat ifý scenarios and immediately see the effects to the Gross Profit and Profit Margin without having to disturb existing inventory cost structures. And for those specific sales where you want to use a different cost basis, again this can be entered in the ýSales Transaction Entryý window with no effect to existing inventory cost structures.

Dynamics GP" uses an internal algorithm to calculate the cost to be posted for each sales transaction. Cases may come up where you want to assign a specific cost to a sales transaction, rather than let Dynamics GP" calculate it. Marking the Always Post Cost from Sales Order Document box forces Dynamics GP" to post the cost you entered in the Sales Transaction Entry window.

Product Overview

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