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Empower your product specialists with the knowledge-management capabilities to quickly create customized solutions for more effective product-configuration, sales-configuration and quote-management strategies. Cincom is the only quote-to-order system with a sales configurator and product configurator that provides best-in-class configuration technology on a comprehensive, knowledge-based application platform - Socrates Much more than a rule-based system, Socrates facilitates KNOWLEDGE CAPTURE with unique graphical knowledge representation, structuring, and acquisition methods that allow you to maintain and change rules easily and quickly, without the need for IT experts.

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Submitted on February 22nd, 2018 by Buck from Solutionrm.com

The value of knowledge is in it use, not its’ availability. Yet, the demos I have seen, focus on features, function, availability. Value is seldom the focus of a presentation. Preferring to focus on applications and summary reports. That is called stimulus response. Start asking “What is the value I will receive if I approve your proposal and how do a measure that value or values?” ROI is a score card, Value coaches at the task level thus providing a path to creating added and new values to the enterprise.

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How KM can be used to create an environment of Innovation.

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