Service Manager 2000

A multi-module management system designed by Conative Systems.

About Service Manager 2000

Service Manager 2000 is a service software system integrated to Mas90/200 and designed to cover several major service-oriented industries.

Service Manager Helps you…

  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Stream line Inventory Usage
  • Track Material Use and Cost
  • Increase Job Efficiency
  • Produce Management Reporting

Tightly integrated to Mas90 from Sage, Inc. we offer a seamless product line that is easy to train.

Dispatch & Scheduling

Scheduling/Dispatch is a integral function within Service Manager 2000. Service Order, Contract, and Preventative Maintenance can all schedule tasks. Miscellaneous time such as Meetings, Vacation, Sick, Other, etc. may also be posted to the Scheduler. This gives the dispatcher a good perspective of the work-in-process. Edits, reassignment, and rescheduling are possible within the Scheduler

Service Agreement

Service Manager 2000 Contract Processing is a well-featured service contract system that provides the functions to efficiently and profitably manage your Contract needs.

Service and Maintenance Contracts are a profitable part of the service business. Our experience has shown that customers have varying wants and requirements when it comes to Contract Processing.

Service Manager 2000 Contracts can be set up with a wide range of parameters and predefined properties for the categories of contracts your business offers. Terms may be set up as monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. Scope of Service can be defined for each Contract, providing tracking of service dollars, cost, hours, and units by user define categories such as labor, materials, travel, etc. Profitability can be viewed by category at any time.

Standard Contracts bill periodically such as monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Billing is simple. Contracts are billed on a periodic basis, usually monthly. Annual Contracts are billed once when they are activated. Billing History and current usage status is instantly available on screen or in reports.

Service Inventory

Advance Service Inventory (ASI) allows you to quickly enter and track your service inventory activity.

Your Inventory quantities can be updated and inquired instantly during ASI (aka RA or RMA) operations. On-line Cost Tier and Inventory Transaction inquiries are available to review an items transaction history. ASI’s can automatically create an invoice for any billable charges, and a Return-of-Goods to Purchase Order for any items going back to the vendor.

Service Order

Service Order Processing tends to be the most used component in the Service Manager 2000 system. Here you may quickly enter all of your business’s service request data. Service Order features are designed to help you handle Service Orders, Work Orders, RA’s, sales of equipment, warranty tracking, billing, and scheduling of tasks.

Service Order entry is simple to use yet powerful, making training easier. You can enter requests, inquire into needed information, perform dispatching, and bill on demand. Service Orders are also integrated to Contract Processing. You can enter your service information for service contracts and let the system determine billing, retainers, scope-of-service, and deferred posting. Service Manager 2000 can fit over seven major service industry classifications.

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