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Stream II

A full ERP system designed by Cove Systems.
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Stream II (2) provides most of the functionality available in Stream V for the Windows operating systems, but at a lower cost to maintain the platform. Stream II will run on a multitude of operating systems and platforms.

Integrated ERP Software integrates all Sales, SCM, Procurement, Product Management, Warehouse Management, and CRM functions: includes comprehensive Accounting and Financial Analysis, complete Warehouse control, Shipping, Returns processing, CRM, B2B and Vendor eCommerce, and Assembly and repetitive Manufacturing/Assembly operations.

Just a few examples of System Wide Features:

  • Database Transaction Support
  • Complete (System Wide) Integration
  • Transaction Atomicity
  • Multi-Currency
  • Dashboard
  • Euro & Common Market
  • Multiple types of Comments, including Media such as videos and sound files
  • Field Level Decimal Control
  • Telephone/Postal Field Masking
  • Drill Down Inquiries in all modules
  • Local and Wide Area Logging and Replication
  • Digital Document Support on all documents
  • Operational Usage Tracking:
    • Who ran what program/when?
    • Data change history
    • Function History
  • Audit Trails for all transactional Activity
  • Complete Sample Data Set
  • Provide Training
  • Comprehensive Online Help
  • Online Access to Documentation
  • Procedure Guides
  • Application notes

Desktop OS

  • HP-UX (IA-64)
  • Linux (IA-64)
  • Linux (IA-32)
  • NonStop (Integrity)
  • NonStop (MIPS)
  • OpenVMS (IA-64)
  • OpenVMS (Alpha)
  • Tru64 UNIC (Alpha)
  • Unix
  • AIX
  • HP-UX Sun-OS
  • SCO Unix
  • Windows® Console mode
  • MS-DOS®.
  • Sun Microsystems Solaris.

Server OS

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Linux
  • Unix: AIX
  • Unix: HP-UX
  • Unix: Solaris
  • Unix: Linux
  • Unix: SunOS
  • Unix: SCO OpenServer
  • Unix: SCO UnixWare


  • Pervasive PSQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • IBM DB2
  • ODBC
  • Oracle

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