Vogue Professional

A multi-module management system designed by Dimensional Business Solutions for distribution/wholesale trade and retail trade companies.

About Vogue Professional

Vogue Professional is a software solution for independent retailers and wholesalers, specifically those selling soft goods. It includes point of sale, inventory management, warehouse, distribution center, customer account management, order processing, e-commerce, data-mining, advanced reporting, and more.

Itýs real-time software that integrates all areas of a retail/wholesale business into one, complete system. This means that, as sales are made and merchandise is received, the new information is available instantly across the entire store or chain. Errors can be corrected and changes put into effect immediately.

Vogue Professional has features that really help a soft goods retailer operate more effectively and profitably. One example is the four dimensional matrix pricing that flows throughout our entire system. This lets clothing, shoe, and furniture stores manage their inventory with a greater degree of control.

This software is also customizable. If you want changes made to the system, we can probably accommodate you. Just ask!

Read below for details on the modules available in the Vogue Professional system.

Accounts Receivable

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Ship To For Each Bill To Customer
  • View Customer Credit Limit And Balance
  • Records Payments On Individual Invoices
  • Set User Defined Finance Charges
  • Customizable Account Statements
  • A/R Aging Reports
  • Unlimited Pricing Levels For Each Customer
  • Customer Loyalty System
  • Complete Sales/Merchandise History For Each Customer
  • Customer Profiling

Customer Relationship Management

With customer database tools you will be able to answer such questions as:

  • Which customers shop with us the most and what do they buy?
  • Which customers are the most profitable and which are a cost to our business?
  • Which customers are reducing their purchases with us and what can be done to reactivate them?
  • Which customers purchase at full retail prices and which are sale-only customers?
  • How can I measure the success of my loyalty programs?
  • Who has purchased from me in the past but not in the last year?

General Ledger/Export

Vogue will export journal entries to most of the accounting packages, such as Simply Accounting and QuickBooks, so you wonýt have to convince your accountant to learn a new system.

Inventory Control, With Size Matrix and Bar-Coding

With Vogue Professional you can set up different types of inventory items, such as:

  • Standard Non-Matrix Items
  • Matrix Items
  • Service Items
  • Kitted Items
  • Package Items
  • Custom Specification Items
  • Usage Cards
  • Serialized Items

Each of these product types can be set up for many locations and are tracked in real-time. This means that thereýs no delay between locations.

The following inventory reports are standard with the system:

  • Inventory Value Report
  • Inventory Status Report
  • Price List
  • Inventory Activity Audit
  • Negative Inventory List

Inventory Control Functions include:

  • Receiving Inventory
  • Adjusting Inventory
  • Physical Count (Manual And Automated)
  • Transfer Between Locations
  • Return To Vendor
  • Promotions
  • Special Pricing

One of the key features for the shoe and clothing sector is the sizing matrix. This matrix allows you to set up three key elements of a product, such as color, size and width. The matrix is not limited; each style/product can have its own matrix.

If you are dealing with European and North American sizing, you can display both on your barcode tickets. This matrix design flows throughout the entire system.

Each cell in the product matrix will track costing and pricing information, on hand and on order information, as well as the taxing, inventory movement, supplier codes and barcoding information.

For example, your business would be able to track which sizes, colors, and widths are selling and which are not. This feature will greatly improve how you do your purchasing.

Point of Sale

Key Features:

  • Handles cash and customer sales
  • Multiple Transaction Types: Sales, Layaways, Special Orders, Quotes, Paid Outs
  • Mouseless Interface: You can use barcode scanner and keyboard
  • Handles multiple payment types for each sale, including charge accounts
  • Complete control over all POS hardware
  • Easy Cash Reconciliation
  • User-Definable Receipts and Customizable Invoices
  • Style, Color, Size and Width Options for Clothing or any other Configuration
  • Full promotional and special pricing features, along with unlimited discounting
  • Customer Interface showing sales history and accounts receivable

Purchase Order

Key Features:

  • Purchase orders can be manually generated or created from the special order processing module.
  • The item matrix is also available in the purchase order module. With proper training you can order goods from your supplier using their color codes and sizing matrix.
  • Purchase orders can have many special orders and customers attached to each cell in a matrix product. As special orders are received you are notified so that the customer can be called.
  • Order acknowledgements can be entered in the purchase order and flow through to the special order.
  • Barcode ticket batches are generated.

Sales Analysis

Key Reports:

  • Sold/On Hand Analysis By Location
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Colour, Size And Width Reporting
  • Suggested Transfer Reports
  • Daily Sales Audits
  • Top Item Reporting
  • Sales Graphs
  • Gross Margin Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Department Analysis
  • Employee Reporting
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Previous Year Comparisons

Special Orders

Specialty retailers such as furniture stores typically have a show room and only stock a small sample of the total items they carry. Most of their goods are special order due to their complicated nature. A custom table, for instance, could have a large number of variables, such as finish, leg, top, stain, cushions and fabric.

Vogue gives you the power to take these orders and process them from start to finish. The Point of Sale module lets you create the orders. The Purchase Order system then creates a PO based on the Special Order. The Receiving system informs the Customer system as each customerýs order is received, and, finally, the POS module takes the final payments.

The Special Order and the Purchase Order systems are tied very closely together. Information passes between these two modules so you have all the information available when your customer inquires about their order.

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