Exact Business Analytics

A business intelligence application designed by Exact for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About Exact Business Analytics

Exact Business Analytics is a flexible reporting & analysis software product that provides you with personalized views of your business information. That information includes graphs and reports generated on pre-defined schedules or by simply viewing the information on the Internet.

Exact Business Analytics (EBA) is a solution with a clear mission-to provide ready access to information that empowers business people to make better decisions that directly affect the performance of your business. Information that had been locked away within enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) systems becomes available to provide the basis for improved corporate and personal performance.

Exact Business Analytics is designed to put power and functionality into the hands of business managers. It offers the power to quickly and easily build information views while dynamically combining and comparing data from multiple sources or different business functions. In addition to ad-hoc analyses, users can create personalized information views, graphs and reports that can be automatically distributed to users on a pre-defined schedule or accessed via the web!

Exact Business Analytics Are:


  • Integrated query, reporting, and analytical tools, enable users to access vital business information, perform in-depth analysis, and share the results throughout the organization-all from a single, comprehensive user interface
  • With one mouse click, EBA delivers management views and reports incorporating business metrics and key performance indicators whether you’re connected to the network or totally detached (while traveling on an airplane or impromptu ad-hoc analysis offsite)


  • Put information and control in the hands of business users-not just the IT department. Exact Business Analytics offers easy-to-use tools and viewing options that meet the needs of all types of users
  • EBA accesses data in place. Exact does not require users to move data or create a data warehouse or data mart, thus saving significant dollars in initial and ongoing cost for hardware and technical services


  • Exact offers pre-built ERP integration to both Macola ES and Progression
  • EBA also integrates and displays data from any ODBC-compliant data source
  • EBA’s Analytical Model includes pre-defined information views and report templates for both Sales & Inventory as well as Manufacturing - available day one

EBA power users and consumers are business people that can easily interrogate their information via views (OLAP cubes), reports, graphs or dashboards. They can refresh their information and conduct their own analysis in powerful, user-friendly environments. They can create their own reports and analytical layouts plus work off line in a non-connected mode.

RDIS and Systems Administration modules form the technical foundation for EBA. RDIS acts as the operator, or traffic cop, by routing the user’s requests for information to the correct source server and database while controlling the number of queries allowed to be submitted concurrently as well as the query timeout criteria. The System Administration Module allows the system administrator to set up the network configuration, user security profiles, etc.

eDeployment automatically refreshes and distributes EBA Views to users in their preferred format. (email attachment, Internet/Intranet or file server) thus reducing administration and allowing data refresh during off-peak hours.

Extension Builder provides the ability to extend EBA integration beyond the pre-built mapping and to other data sources. It enables access to any ODBC-compliant database providing a powerful business-wide analysis environment.

Dashboard Designer provides the capability to create and customize dashboards designed to serve specific business needs. This is the perfect solution for displaying various key performance indicators and performance metrics plus proving for drilling into the information detail to back up and explain the results.

Web Access Server leverages and extends the value of EBA by providing an efficient platform for sharing information across the organization, as well as with customers, suppliers, and other business partners. It enables publishing in a zero-client Web format which can be shared in a standard Web browser.

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