A full ERP system designed by Genesis Expert Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About XO/Commerce

The XO / Commerce Solution

Genesis Expert Systems, Inc. has developed XO/Commerce as a supply chain management software solution that totally automates and integrates every aspect of your core business functions from inception through execution. It will improve profitability, increase return on investment, cut operational expenses and strengthen customer relations.

XO/Commerce integrates the best of both the IBM iSeries AS/400 and Windows pc worlds, through simple windows menus and screens, while capitalizing on the high availability and processing power of the AS/400 platform.

XO/Commerce supports ýXMLý and is ýSSRý compliant.

Benefits Include:

  • Increased end user productivity, with simple ýpoint and clický functionality
  • Instant access to real-time online information
  • Fully scalable for all sizes of business and workloads

Core components - There are seven components that XO/Commerce integrates to perform major management functions. The components include all important and necessary functions to effectively manage your business:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Contract Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Management
  • Finance & Accounting

Business Intelligence

XO/Commerce gives you instant access to an array of business information to keep you informed on a daily basis, allowing you to make better decisions based on gross profit, service level, and price changes, all in one view. XO/Commerce can significantly enhance your analysis by providing comparison utilities with different days or periods.

Reporting & Analysis

With its intuitive inquiries and distribution reports, XO/Commerce provides an Analysis Reporter that will provide you with reliable facts and figures directly from your database.

  • Includes a rich set of management inquiries with drill down capabilities to all activities such as sales, work-in-progress, and inventory layers.
  • The Executive Snapshot lets you see up-to-date business activities and performance.
  • Summary figures can be drilled down for detail.
  • XO/Commerce gives you the ability to keep accurate notes with an expiration date for all master files such as Customer, Vendor, and Item master.
  • Built-in index performance calculation for master files lets you proactively manage day-to-day operations.

Graphical - Whether you want to quickly identify customers’ activity trends, item purchases or open payables, XO/Commerce helps you make business decisions with bar or line graphs for any selected period of time.

  • Generate a real-time representation of your sales, returns, purchasing and other business data from XO/Commerce transactions and knowledge database.
  • View instant customer-aging analysis enabling you to manage credits more effectively.

Contract Management

XO/Commerce includes a powerful tool for Contract Administration that will significantly reduce costs for contract maintenance.

  • Supports complex contracts rules and hierarchies, and offers virtually unlimited contract options.
  • Supports multi-source, individual and group contracts.
  • Automated contract load and update via common interface.
  • Seamlessly links to pricing and order processing.
  • Configurable weekly and monthly charge-back cycles.
  • Tracks rebates and chargebacks closely to protect your investment dollar.
  • Supports standard X.12 documents such as 843 and 844.
  • Provides Sales Tracing with selective reports or X.12 852.
  • Offers forced contract compliance options.

Customer Relationship Management

XO/Commerce simplifies customer administration and communicates account information with other departments via XO Notes and its message distribution system.

  • Provides customer profit and loss analysis reports which help customers manage their business.
  • Rebate or reward programs can be based on purchases or paid invoices.
  • XO/Commerce offers a buying and savings program that mutually benefits you and your customers.
  • Provides registration expiration date and recall notifications to help your customers comply with regulatory agencies.
  • Automated replenishment, via XO’s Vendor-Managed Inventory, enhances ordering frequency and reduces clerical work.
  • A streamlined contact management feature provides advanced call schedules and timers for follow-up and sales force automation.

Finance & Accounting - Accounts Payable

XO/Commerce gives you complete control of your finances, allowing you to proactively manage both outbound and inbound cash. From productivity enhancing features in cash posting to tracking receivables, XO/Commerce gives you a complete set of tools to run your business profitably.

  • Supports open item and balance forward posting and statements.
  • Supports chain store billing and cross posting.
  • Includes dating and cash discounts.
  • Provides advanced credit controls and limits.
  • Offers complete aging analysis.

Finance & Accounting - Accounts Receivable

XO/Commerce gives you complete control of your finances, allowing you to proactively manage both outbound and inbound cash. From productivity enhancing features in cash posting to tracking receivables, XO/Commerce gives you a complete set of tools to run your business profitably.

  • Implements automatic discounts based on prearranged terms.
  • Offers manual or automatic payment selection.
  • Provides split distribution of payment to multiple general ledger accounts.
  • Reconciles bank reporting quickly and easily.
  • Simplifies year-end regulatory reporting with 1099 processing.
  • Provides complete audit trail.

Fnance & Accounting - General Ledger

XO/Commerce gives you complete control of your finances, allowing you to proactively manage both outbound and inbound cash. From productivity enhancing features in cash posting to tracking receivables, XO/Commerce gives you a complete set of tools to run your business profitably.

  • Supports multiple companies and warehouses providing flexibility and scalability.
  • Interfaces with any system via the journal interface.
  • Integrates budgets and forecasts.
  • Drills down from summary journal entries to all transaction levels.
  • Provides flexible and simple period closing and year-end procedures.
  • Generates standard financial statements.
  • Provides interface to download data directly into Excel.

Inventory Management

XO/Commerce Inventory Management gives you complete control over your most valuable asset, your inventory. Using an advanced algorithm to track demand, XO/Commerce performs customer demand forecasting, vendor lead time forecasting, and suggest order quantity. As well, XO/Commerce continually monitors for overstock to help you reduce carrying costs and maximize inventory turns, without compromising customer services.

Product Control

  • XO/Commerce provides unsurpassed, unlimited user-defined information via Er/a technology that simplifies classifying and coding items without programming.
  • Automatic replacement and flexible substitutions are fully supported.
  • Provides cross reference of old and new NDC/UPC numbers.
  • Fully supports kits and deals.
  • Allows for unlimited slotting with or without lot controls.
  • Captures and tracks item movements and actual cost with advanced 2-tier design.


  • XO/Commerce forecasts customer demand using both patterns and exceptions to suggest just-in-time replenishment, which will significantly improve customer service and better return on investment.
  • Product demand is categorized into index patterns and exceptions, which can be translated into SOQ.
  • XO/Commerce manages your inventory by methods for different item categories, including Order Points, Line Points, and Buying Cycle.
  • It effectively evaluates dollars versus units for optimal buying quantity and cycle.


  • XO/Commerce optimizes your buying efficiency and helps manage the supply chain from product ordering to delivery from your suppliers.
  • It supports single and central purchasing for an unlimited number of warehouses or distribution centers.
  • Alternate sources are automatically compared and selected if an advantage is found.
  • XO/Commerce provides buyers with the Purchasing Daily Agenda (PDA), which enhances buying productivity. The PDA summarizes all buying activities such as due orders, overdue, scheduled, and all item exceptions.
  • It supports all standard methods of data interchange, including Auto Fax, EDI/X.12, and our own eML (an electronic markup language).

Interfaces - XO/Commerce is fully prepared to interface with the most common purchasing software packages.

Order Processing

From creating quotes to returned goods, XO/Commerce automates every aspect of order processing, which saves you time and money.

  • Order entry gives you quick access to customer, pricing, and inventory information as well as purchase history.
  • Flexible product search with comparable products and pricing give your customers more value.
  • XO/Commerce has a powerful external order interface that enables you to receive orders from foreign sources, including wireless devices.

Sales Management

XO/Commerce offers a rich array of sales management features that allows you to achieve a competitive advantage. The system provides an intuitive user interface with customer focus. From a single viewpoint you can instantly access product, vendor, pricing, and inventory status information, everything you need to complete a sale.

In addition to remote order entry via hand held device and PC, XO/Commerce provides web-enabled B2B functions that include an online product catalog with a powerful search engine and order entry capabilities. From order entry through order confirmation, XO/Commerce gives your customer print backs or purchase order acknowledgments almost instantly.

Warehouse Operations

Effective warehouse management is a must in today’s market. XO/Commerce gives you the right set of tools to control all of your warehousing functions. XO/Commerce helps you streamline and optimize the movement of each product in a real-time environment with features that include RF receiving and put-away, touch screen order confirmations, replenishment, and shipping confirmation.

  • Each transaction is tracked via a work-in-progress ID, identified by barcode.
  • Documents may be routed to multiple printers by user, route, and form ID.
  • Integrated RF technology and barcode recognition helps you increase productivity, improve customer service levels, and reduce errors.
  • Flexible picking methods includes wave, routes, and zones/cases.
  • XO/Commerce allows optional order consolidation, which reduces the number of invoices.
  • Full cubing and ýparcelizationý reduces the number of delivery pieces.
  • Allows flexible routing and manifesting.
  • Pre-bill, post-bill, or modified pre-bill invoices are fully supported.

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