A multi-module management system designed by Group FiO.

About FiO OMS

A nimble, light weight and holistic order management solution from Group FiO tailor-made for SMB’s. It automates the order processing process and makes multi channel selling a breeze.


  1. Comprehensive dashboard with easy selection buttons to choose between multiple channels and to view reports.
  2. Centralized data flow and automated product upload process to eliminate manual errors.
  3. View processed orders, items sold and customer profiles across multi channels.
  4. Easy integration of online webstore with Amazon, Ebay and Buy.com.
  5. Seamless Integration with Magento.
  6. Instant updates of shipping confirmation reports
  7. Efficient Error management
  8. Detailed reporting system that provides information on all orders placed on multiple channels.


  1. Automates Order Management.
  2. Saves time and money.
  3. Makes selling online through multiple channels more efficient, cost-effective and profitable.
  4. All orders from multiple channels are downloaded into a single central place.
  5. Eliminates manual errors through High end Error code management.

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User Reviews of FiO OMS

Submitted on January 9th, 2020 by Gianna

We were selling on multiple marketplaces and our pain point was inefficiency due to the use of multiple systems. We were looking for a centralized business solution to consolidate our orders, inventory and shipping. Group FiO Solution for OMS I realised was highly customizable, and web based. Meets our needs presently and has the potential to meet our future business needs as well.

The Good…

The price was reasonable and implementation timeline was accurate and expedient.

The Bad…

Serves our purpose. Maybe, an additional integration is needed but that’s more on us not catching it.