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About Iridium

Successfully moving merchandise, while simultaneously managing inventory, service, and delivery, is critical to growth and success in any retail industry. The IRIDIUM Business Management software tool encompasses and integrates all aspects of operations management, aspects needed to streamline internal operations and increase the bottom line – truly allowing you to see your business in a whole new perspective.

The IRIDIUM® Business Management software tool is designed to run on Microsoft® Windows® operating system. As such, the look and feel of the user-interface is comparable to standard products operating in a Windows environment. For instance, all reports are previewable and exportable to Microsoft Excel and other formats. These reports can be emailed to and from standard applications. Also, all reports and forms print with a user-provided company logo.


Accounting capabilities within the IRIDIUM® Business Management Software tool tracks financial information from receiving inventory to customer sales and service. Inventory receiving is linked with accounts payable, and the general ledger system is automatically tied to sales, receivables, and payables.

Customer Service

The opportunity to interact with a growing customer base on a personalized basis is facilitated through the IRIDIUM® Business Management Software tool. Individual customer history, interactions, and transaction details are readily available within the system.

Delivery Planning

Information that is linked with POS transaction automatically initiates the delivery system within the IRIDIUM® Business Management Software tool. Deliveries can be scheduled based on customer preference and past-delivery details. Tight integration with Microsoft MapPoint® mapping technology allows the tool to automatically determine the most effective delivery route for each driver.


The ability to seamlessly manage inventory across multiple locations and stores is made possible with the IRIDIUM® Business Management Software tool. Real-time tracking of individual items from receiving through delivery utilizes inventory serialization as well as location management capabilities.

Point of Sale

Generating new quotes, sales orders, and invoices for new or existing customers is easy and efficient with the IRIDIUM® Business Management Software tool. Items sold for pickup and delivery are automatically tracked and processed for delivery. Take-along items are invoiced immediately, updating the inventory management system at that time. The tool also analyzes sales data based on item and location, allowing trends and store performance to be immediately recognized.


The productivity of both retail locations and employees is tracked and measured through IRIDIUM® Business Management Software tool. Additional functionality includes the ability to clock time and calculate sales-based commissions from reports generated by the tool.


By linking inventory systems with purchasing, retail locations and distribution centers can easily create purchase orders based on min and max stocking levels. The IRIDIUM® Business Management Software tool also uses cyclical sales data to drive the purchasing process, and links receiving with accounts payable.

Service Planning

By linking service ticket information for past and current orders, the IRIDIUM® Business Management Software tool generates status reports based on a wide-range of fields that can be customized. Invoices are also automatically generated based on information stored within the customer database.

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