A multi-module management system designed by IQ reseller for computer & electronic products companies.



Software that doesn’t fit your business can shrink your margins and result in lost deals, maybe even losing your company.

What’s needed is a sales-centric solution that drives smarter deals, with better margins and less overhead. One that lets salespeople focus on what’s important: selling.

Tracker v3 overcomes the problems created by generic business solutions. It is the only software written from the ground up exclusively for computer dealers, by computer dealers.

Tracker puts YOU in the driver’s seat so you can reach your goals by:

  • Automating your sales cycle (no more sticky notes & dashes to the back to check inventory)
  • Fortifying your salespeople with accurate and timely inventory data.
  • Streamlining warehouse functions like receiving and allocating.
  • Slashing the hours of drudgery required to perform common accounting functions like inventory writedowns and commission reporting.
  • Creating an accurate picture of where you are making money – and where you aren’t.

Simply put, a dealer with Tracker has the edge over a dealer who doesn’t.


What is your current software provider doing to help improve YOUR bottom line as a technology reseller?

If the answer is ýnothingý or ýnot much,ý contact us and find out how Tracker delivers bottom-line results to computer dealers.

Knowledge is power to close more deals with fatter margins.

Deal Maker

Ever noticed how a quick response and timely, complete information will often swing the deal? The longer and more involved the process, the more likely the deal will go to another vendor.

Tracker puts accurate, timely information at your fingertips so your salespeople can spend more time with customers and less time with paperwork. For example:

INTELLIGENT E-MAIL: You can e-mail quotes, contracts, invoices, and shipping documents. Tracker automatically selects the right e-mail address to buyers, accounts payable, and shippers.

ORDER MAKER: Have you ever entered a long and complex quote, only to reenter it all again in your order system? Tracker’s simplified quote and order module converts your quote into an order with one click.

BUY/SELL TREND-TRACKER: Trackers buy/sell history delivers key pricing trends for all items and shows past buyers and sellers for an item. Instantly view all purchase & sales history for any item:

  • What the item’s been selling for.
  • What you’ve been paying for it.
  • Where you got it.
  • What substitute items you could use.

Inventory Manager

Tracker’s Inventory Manager slashes the time required to manage inventory and warehouse operations. For example:

INVENTORY WRITE DOWNS: How much time do you spend doing inventory write-downs? Tracker eliminates the laborious hours spent on inventory write-downs. With one click, you pull up the inventory that matches your criteria. After a quick review, another click makes all the inventory and accounting adjustments for you. Now you can write down inventory when it makes sense, not when your staff has the time.

BARCODE SCANNING: Do your tech’s ever make mistakes entering serial numbers and item ID’s in the receiving/allocation process? Frustrated by the resulting confusion and inventory inaccuracy? Tracker’s bar code integration cuts out the mistakes and saves time so your techs and warehouse staff can focus on the important things: getting equipment in, turning it around, and getting it back out.

PART REMOVAL TRACKING: Ever sell a machine only to find that it had been cannibalized for a part? Do you have to tell tall tales to your buyers while you scramble for a replacement? Tracker easily takes care of cost-transfer and inventory updating when a part is removed, so there are no surprises for you and no more stories for your customer.

TAKE-OUTS ADJUSTMENTS: How about the complexity of accounting for extra items, short items, and partial receiving that occur on take-out purchases? For computer dealers, These ýexceptionsý are more often the rule. Tracker lets you easily redistribute costs to accommodate these items when they are being received. With Tracker, you’ll enjoy a 20% or greater reduction in time required for receiving.

Profit Center Manager

Your sales people are profit centers. Your ability to view their quotes and pending orders gives you the edge in managing and coaching those profit centers. Your ability to get accurate margin reports by deal and by sales person at the click of a mouse whenever you want (instead of waiting for accounting to manually tally margin reports at the end of each month), let’s you encourage smart deals and avoid bad ones.

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