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About InOrder

InOrder is a real time, tightly integrated Enterprise Management (ERP) System. Ideal for companies with 5 or more users, InOrder is an end-to-end enterprise management system that delivers functions you’ll only find in systems that cost thousands more:

  • Real time inventory and order tracking – Up-to-the-minute views of what’s in stock, and where, across all channels, including retail point-of-sale, call centers, and Web.
  • Single database – Keep all of your information in one place, and easily let others across your enterprise view it, including marketing, CSRs, and management.
  • Full integration – Everything you need to manage your business, from financials to CRM.

Accounts Payable

InOrder’s Payables system is tightly linked to our Inventory Control, Purchase Order, Commission and Royalty modules. This linking removes the need for rekeying information and permits an automatic three-way check of Purchase Order, Receipts and Vendor invoices.

Customer refunds can be processed through Accounts Payable without the need to add each customer as a vendor.

Accounts Receivable

This module is InOrder’s completely integrated Accounts Receivable system. It is tightly linked with InOrder’s Order Processing module.

You may apply a payment directly to an invoice or to a customer account where it will be applied to the oldest invoices first. You may reapply a payment from one invoice to another or from one customer to another. You may also merge two customers into one and combine their receivable information at the touch of a button. Statements and dunning letters are available.

Client Licenses

If you are purchasing the MultiClient module, the InOrder Client license is available so that you can offer each of your clients real-time access to their data while at the same time prohibiting them from seeing your other clients’ information.

You control how much access they have. If you permit it, they can view inventory levels, recent sales and even enter orders themselves. They can run sales reports and generally obtain the information they need to run their businesses which, in the past, would have been provided by your account reps.

This is a real win-win offering to your customers. You save on support costs and generate a new revenue stream from Client license rentals. Your customers get the information they have always needed whenever they want it, day or night, in real-time. That is a real competitive advantage!


Commissions are never straightforward. There are always special deals and other motivators offered to sales reps to increase their enthusiasm and your revenues.

InOrder addresses the complexities of commission contracts with its Commissions module using a unique method to describe each clause of the sales rep’s contract with a high degree of flexibility. This approach gives you the means to have your commissions calculated quickly and accurately - usually without any additional manual adjusting (although that is also available.)

Contact Management (Inbound)

The Customer Service program gives you viewing and updating capabilities for all aspects of a customer or prospect’s data. It lets you enter orders and credits. It lets you make a record of the each call, whether or not anything was purchased or returned. It also shows you a complete chronological history of all notes, contacts, orders, credits, correspondence, payments and returns. RFM and lifetime value information are also available.

Contact Management (Outbound)

The Contact Management (outbound) adds many useful extensions to the base InOrder system. It provides each Customer Service Rep with a tickler list of prospects and customers to call. These lists may be generated manually by the Rep or automatically using a selection from the house prospect list.


Our Continuity module lets you send your customers a series of items over time in a predefined sequence, regardless of when your customers place their orders.

What makes InOrder’s continuity series so special is its flexibility in how each series is defined. You may test different series sequences to determine the optimum series sequence for maximum customer retention.

InOrder tracks what each customer has actually received so that if you redefine the sequence, InOrder can be sure that you don’t ship the same item twice to a customer and it can ship new items as they get added to the series.

Customer Loyalty Module

What separates your company from your competition? It’s your loyalty program. You reward your customers for repeat orders and they don’t. That is why you are more successful than they are!

InOrder’s loyalty program is the backbone of that success. You can have special rewards for signing up for the program, providing their email addresses, referring a friend, or buying more merchandise. You can have double and triple points promotions, perhaps only if they spend over a certain amount of money.

Point redemption is another winner. You can offer special items, like a tee shirt or a coffee cake, or dollars off an order. You can offer relatively more dollars off if a customer accumulates more points. You can expire points after a certain period of time. You can send emails automatically to customers to let them know their points are expiring or to let them know how close they are to the next award level.

You will experience customer loyalty like you have never seen before!

Customer Service

If some of your employees spend their entire day on the phone taking orders and answering customers’ questions, then the Customer Service Program may be the perfect, cost-effective tool for them.

This one program lets them look up inventory, check on orders, enter orders, enter credits, update addresses and demographics, correspond with customers and many other customer service-related tasks.

General Ledger

InOrder General Ledger is a true accounting marvel. It summarizes complex transaction data from all areas of InOrder and presents that data in easy to understand management and financial reports.

Not only can you specify General Ledger accounts for each type of transaction within InOrder - you can also specify different accounts that should automatically apply in certain situations. For example, InOrder can automatically assign sales and cost of sales accounts to a line item on an order based upon the type of customer that is purchasing the item and the type of inventory that is being purchased.

This is the kind of power and flexibility that you should expect from a true Enterprise Management System.

Inventory, Order Processing, and Invoicing

The foundation of the InOrder system is its order processing and inventory module. This module brings you a fantastic number of benefits that permit you to process orders and track inventory under a variety of scenarios. This flexibility keeps inventory accurate at all times and provides the order department with the tools they need for fast and accurate quoting and order processing.

Item Personalization

InOrder lets you define which of your items have personalization and what personalization features are available. For example, each item might have its own personalization location (chest or sleeve), choice of colors, font choices, and font sizes. Other items might have a choice of logos or decals. The number of personalization traits is unlimited, as are the number of choices within each trait.

There are special personalization screens within order entry that let you quickly enter the specific requirements of an entire team’s needs.

You will love InOrder’s personalization capabilities!

Job Cost

Job Cost is InOrder’s module for tracking and reporting on the many detail-oriented tasks within your organization. It is flexible and comprehensive. It is designed to be used in a variety of situations.

Within the fulfillment industry it can be used to quote ongoing fulfillment jobs and individual kit building projects. Estimated project costs and profitability are always calculated as the job parameters change. This feature lets you know how low a quote you can submit and still have a profitable and also when to turn down a project. This feature alone should pay for InOrder in a short period of time! Job Templates may be defined for your standard projects. When a new job request comes in you just copy the template into a new job record, making changes as necessary.

You may start the job as a quote or just begin it as a job. The quote is used as the job budget if the job is accepted. All hours and materials are recorded against each job. Job progress reports and job profitability reports are available.

Within the publishing community, Job Costing for acquisitions and reprints can help you track manuscript evaluation and forecasted income and expenses for a new title.

The manuscript evaluation forecasted sales and expenses become your budgeted amounts for titles that you decided to (re)print. Profit and Loss statements are available for each title. Job progress reports keep you posted on the status and costs of each job.

List Management

InOrder’s List Management module provides you with the power to cultivate and grow the most profitable segments of your house list.

Using InOrder’s address correction software, the List Management program, Validate Addresses, can regularly cleanse all of your prospect addresses and highlight those that are not recognized.


InOrder brings your marketing department all of the tools it needs to find pockets of opportunity within your product, prospect and customer lists. You may analyze your promotions, test new sales territories, predict future demand and assign each customer to an RFM cell.


InOrder’s MultiClient module lets you process orders for two or more clients, keeping each client’s customers, prospects, inventory, promotions, receivables, etc. separated from the other companies.

The design of InOrder allows dozens of your clients to coexist in one InOrder database. Yet InOrder keeps each client’s data separate.

You can allow clients to access their own data on your system without letting them see your other clients’ data by extending them real-time access to their information via the Internet. See our Client licenses below.

You may also offer each client their own web shopping cart that can be custom-tailored to their needs and can access their data in real time.

Point of Sale

InOrder’s POS has more functionality than many of the stand-alone POS systems. It is firmly rooted in the InOrder database. The POS module can access most areas of the InOrder system, locating inventory throughout the store, the warehouses, or any of the other stores as well. This increased control over inventory will help serve customers better, at the same time giving more information to the employees in the store.

The Point of Sale module is designed for touch screen order processing. This is the most efficient means of running a register. Utilizing this technology InOrder is able to create an environment where the mouse is rarely used.

The system also has a drill down capability at the register, making looking up inventory from the register a painless task.

If your customer would prefer to ship their order or if the item is not in your retail store, you can have the POS system ship those items from your warehouse or have the item held for pickup.

There are a number of POS register-terminals available. They are all PC-based but differ in options such as monitor/flat screen, number of cash drawers, CPU speed, PC memory, PC disk space, pole display, scanner, card reader, receipt printer, etc.

Purchase Order

InOrder’s Reorder List produces a recommended list of items to reorder based upon reorder quantities, predicted promotion demand or statistical analysis of past sales. Your marketing people can massage this list and then transfer their needs to the purchasing department.

Using InOrder’s Purchase Order Module, the purchasing department can then further refine this list based upon purchase quantity discounts, vendor pricing and other criteria and then generate a purchase order. Unit of measure conversion, vendor SKUs and vendor descriptions are fully supported.

Items received are entered into InOrder via grid format or by scanning the vendors’ bar codes. This module will accept receipts as “correct” so that receipts are entered into inventory, the PO is updated, the receipt is “locked” from further changes, and GL data is made available for transfer to GL.

Upon receipt of the items, InOrder will print labels for received items as well as other items upon request. Then the system will print a Put Away list of received items in location sequence and print a returns packing slip for items that are being returned to the vendor.

Real-Time eCommerce

InOrder separates you from your competition by linking your Shopping Cart module directly to your InOrder database.

You may use the InOrder Shopping Cart out-of-the-box by adding it to your website or you may customize the Cart to your own look and feel using the Cart’s “presentation layer.”

This unique capability permits your website customers to view a subset of the same information that is available to your order processing and customer service personnel.

Inventory availability is shown in real time. If your website says an item is in stock, it is. If it’s not, the Shopping Cart module will tell your customer the expected due date. As each item is ordered it is instantly placed on reserve in the InOrder database.

Customer address, any open prior order, credit card information, applicable price list, and appropriate discount rates are all retrieved from the InOrder database when an existing customer logs into the Shopping Cart module.

If a website customer has a question with a current order, they may call your office. Your customer service rep can call up the customer’s order on their screen and discuss it with the customer! Conversely, your customer can look up a phoned-in order’s information using your website.

Email acknowledgement of each order and shipment confirmation with tracking number is available.

RF Program

InOrder’s RF capability brings wireless handheld devices to the pick, pack, put away and transfer processes within your warehouse(s). Along with these devices comes more efficiency and more accuracy in your operations.


Royalties are a much more than a liability of your organization. They are a reflection of an important relationship between you and your authors. We have developed a Royalty Module that will allow both parties to be pleased with the results. The system that we have developed comes from nearly three decades of experience dealing with publishers and their royalty needs.

Our Royalties module is extremely flexible. You are able to arrange royalties to be paid based on a variety of methods. The system allows for advances to be paid to the authors. It is also able to handle multiple authors and multiple items on a contract.

You may pay royalties based upon list price, net price, paid invoices and other options.


The Subscriptions Module is a full circulation management system that is tightly integrated with the rest of InOrder. The same customer - in fact the same order (!) - can have both subscriptions and regularly stocked item purchases.

The Subscriptions Module also does full unearned-to-earned income accounting and has extensive renewal capabilities, including various renewal testing scenarios.

Membership accounting with special Membership Price Lists and earned/unearned membership dues is also supported with the Subscription Module.

Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management System is a fully integrated module that extends the power and usefulness of the Inventory module. With WMS, you track your entire inventory to the bin level. Each item can exist in many bins and each bin can hold more than one item.

The Picking List program takes advantage of the WMS by selecting the bins with the oldest stock and the most logical location for picking efficiency.

With InOrder’s Warehouse Management System, you can have product in an unlimited number of bins and you can have multiple products in a single bin.

Included with the Warehouse Management System is InOrder’s Cart Picking program. This program sorts all orders that are to be picked into groups. Each group contains orders with similar line items. The number of slots on the cart determines the number of orders in each group. This highly efficient method of picking needs only a single pass through the warehouse to pick all orders in the group.

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