MasterTools - Distribution

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A full ERP system designed by Online Computing for large enterprises.

About MasterTools - Distribution

With MasterTools, all elements of your business process flow through a relational database that enables you to access, monitor and control every aspect of your business in real-time. Managers can see the entire process, quickly and easily track actual processes and pin-point variances that could impact their operations.

Easy to Use

MasterTools’ intuitive user interfaces make it easy to drill down to pertinent information without going through a maze of menus or hard to remember keyboard gymnastics.

Tailored to Your Needs

MasterTools provides a comprehensive, ready-to-go system, but they know that every businesses has special requirements that are unique to specific operational environments. Their system experts work closely with you to tailor MasterTools to fit your special business needs.

Designed to Grow With You

As your company expands or moves into new areas requiring additional capabilities, MasterTools delivers the functionality needed to meet those new demands. You can rely on MasterTools to take you into the future on a path that keeps your company ahead of the curve.

Accounting and Financial Analysis

With MasterTools, your accounting department is always in the loop with real-time access to every aspect of the business process as it happens–from sale, through production and warehousing to the final product delivery or disposition.

  • Track accounts payable
  • Monitor accounts receivable
  • Check landed cost
  • Identify fixed assets
  • Track time and attendance
  • Monitor integrated payroll
  • Review general ledger

MasterTools helps you quickly determine which items are selling well…and which ones aren’t. You’ll also be able to instantly see whether marketing and sales campaigns are working, which customers are purchasing specific items and which sales reps are the most effective.

MasterTools provides the data you need to spot trends relating to specfici products and groups of products.

  • Review YTD sales
  • Check days past due by customer/item
  • Calculate commissions
  • Identify sales trends by item/customer
  • Analyze sales by shipments/bookings

Order Entry

Your sales team can quickly and easily create prices quotes, enter orders and accurately answer customer questions on current product availability, pricing options, substitute products, delivery dates, and check orders against pre-determined credit limits.

Order information automatically flows throughout the MasterTools system, assuring that everyone from production planning through shipping and billing instantly receives the same information.

  • Enter orders remotely
  • Convert quotes into sales orders
  • Import sales orders
  • Create direct ship and transfer orders
  • Generate blanket orders
  • Check order status
  • Perform instant credit checks
  • See all documents linked to an order

Purchasing & Receiving

MasterTools incorporates a comprehensive supply management system that focuses on increasing speed and accuracy with a seamless flow of data that provides a better way to handle frequent transactions in your purchasing and receiving departments.

  • Automate requisitions
  • Generate blanket PO’s
  • Match PO’s, receipts, and vouchers
  • Track vendor performance
  • Create purchase histories
  • Analyze open receipts

Real-Time Inventory Management

MasterTools helps you instantly track and retrieve detailed status information on every product flowing through your warehouses. You can easily access individual product quantities, turnover rates, lead time requirements and demand trends.

With MasterTools you can tightly control inventory levels–eliminating unnecessary bloat, "lost’ product, and long turn times. You’’ always know where it is, how much it weighs, what it’s worth, how long it has been there, when it shipped, where it went, and a host of vital information.

  • Management multiple warehouses
  • Handle picking/shipping/invoicing
  • Track returns
  • Calcluate LIFO, FIFO, and SI flow
  • Indentify bin locations
  • Track by serial number
  • Check item availability
  • Analyze inventory aging

Product Overview

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User Reviews of MasterTools - Distribution

Submitted on July 30th, 2014 by Jessica

We have been using MasterTools since 2007 and really love it. The MasterTools software has all of the bells and whistles for everything from order entry, accounting, payroll, payables, EDI, engineering changes and shipping. It is your entire office, in one integrated system. The training and customer support team is outstanding.

The Good…

I love that MasterTools is one integrated system, and we did not have to purchase multiple software, to manage our inventory, accounting and shipping. The system can handle a small/medium company like ours or s a much more complex operation.

The Bad…

Some of the reporting formats can be enhanced more. I know MasterTools has implemented a report writer to the software, and I am sure it is a matter of transitioning all reports over.

Submitted on July 30th, 2014 by Bettina

Capable of all applications. Very good and user friendly.

The Good…

Product is very versatile. It can be adapted to any business environment.

The Bad…

The biggest issue would be having to hit “OK” multiple times within an application.