An accounting software system designed by Professional Data Systems for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About ProTrac

ProTrac is an ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Software package that is designed for distributors who have to compete daily with larger wholesale operations. Our ProTrac customer needs all of the modern and up to date business features, but do not have the deep pockets of their competitors. To fill this need we developed ProTrac in the early 90’s and today we have 200 plus small to mid-sized wholesalers in 44 states. Our customer range from 4 to 50 users and have up 12 branch operations.

Because we concentrate our marketing in this marketplace, we have kept both the initial investment and on-going software support affordable. We maintain ProTrac at the highest level of technology. We are constantly updating our software. Annual updates are a part of our monthly support contract. You will never need to purchase our next software release. It is a part of your software support contract.

ProTrac Is a New as Tomorrow Morning

ProTrac can be installed in either:

  • A Server based installation
  • A Cloud based Installation
    • As the customer you make that decision. The Cloud is not for everyman. If you feel uncomfortable having your data stored remotely, we are more than happy to install your data on your own in-house Server. If in the future, you wish to move to a Cloud environment, we would move your data from your server to our Cloud environment.

At PDSI, You Are the Customer and We Work for You

ProTrac Offers

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Purchasing Management
  • Sales Management (five levels of commission)
  • Inventory Replenishment
    • At PDSI we designed for our customers a simple and powerful replenishment program because we know that Inventory is the only asset that produces a profit.
  • Inter-warehouse Transfers for multiple branches
  • Truck Processing - Selling from your Van or Truck
  • SWOT Customer Relations Management
  • Electronic Forms for Emailing, Faxing, or Printing Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders
  • Repair and Service Processing for Tools or Equipment
    • Repairs are tracked for repairs done in-house or sent to an outside repair facility
    • ProTrac maintains control of both to help you stay on top of all repair orders
  • Overseas container processing of Purchase Orders
  • Kits and Assemblies (Large and Small)
    • Kits can be built at the time of order
    • Single Level Assemblies can be built and put on a shelf for resale
    • Assemblies can be Disassembled and the parts, put back on the shelf
  • E Business
    • Interface to your Web Site / Store Front
    • Internet Ordering, by your customers ProLinc, ( Does not require a Web site or Store Front)
      • Customer can search your inventory
      • Customer can have Favorite Orders
      • Customer will only see their pricing and their orders (password protected)
      • They can look up of all open and closed orders
      • Customer Can see the Aging of their own account
  • For Cut Flower Wholesalers and Agricultural Distributors
    • Seasonal/Holiday Order Tracking
    • Customer Letters for Sales Follow Up
    • Break down of sales by Item and by Color
    • Category Tracking for Holiday or Civic Events
    • Standing Orders for a day or special day

Accounts Payable

Our ProTrac Accounts Payable module helps manage a company’s expenditures by recording transactions and obligations to vendors and creditors.

Accounts Receivable

The power of ProTrac’s Account Receivable Program can be seen right in Order Entry. A Sales Person can see all outstanding invoices on the first screen of the ProTrac Order Entry. This helps you keep a lid on your Outstanding AR and Average Days to Pay.

We understand that customer satisfaction is the top priority of your business. With ProTrac you will have the information that you need to provide efficient, timely and cost effective service to keep your customers happy and coming back.

Our accounts receivable module will let you accomplish these goals, and much more…

Fast, informative and accurate inquiries by account, provides all required information at your fingertips.

Take a Look at Some of the Features and Benefits of the Accounts Receivables Module:

  • Terms discounts
  • Credit Analysis
  • Easy processing of payments on invoices from oldest to most current
  • Credit hold and point of sale lockout
  • Billing and order contact Information
  • Summary of sales history; current period, last period, YTD, last YTD, sales, returns, net and gross margins

General Ledger

We set up your Chart of Accounts based on your current chart of accounts. This one time set up saves you time and hassle.

With the General Ledger module, you get complete, and timely financial information crucial to managing a successful business operation.

General Ledger provides you with an audit trail (journal) of transactional postings, that have been made from other modules, thus providing you with up-to-the-minute accuracy for financial reports.

Some of the Powerful General Ledger Features:

  • Access to Customers by User
  • Access to Supplier by User
  • Generally it is flexible enough to maintain your current scheme on G/L Accts numbering
  • Extensive History
  • Detailed information for current and previous years by G/L Period
  • Balance Sheet Generation
  • Flexible Accounting Close
  • Fiscal and Calendar Capabilities
  • Spreadsheet Integration

Inventory Management and Replenishment

Inventory Centric - ProTrac® doesn’t just focus on accounting issues, like most generic software programs. ProTrac® is a full inventory and warehouse management (and of course, accounting) system for the industry.

ProTrac® streamlines daily operations. Quick and easy navigation utilizing windows technology saves time and money. ProTrac®’s unique inventory management structure is designed to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s!

Some of the Key Features and Benefits of the Inventory Module Are:

  • Real time inventory control: Know what you actually have in stock anytime without waiting until the closing of the day
  • Unlimited sales history periods: With YTD tracking of quantities, gross margin dollars, percentage, cost of goods sold, etc.
  • Easy item identification: Search by item number, or partial item number, product line, class, description, OEM, UPC numbers

Order Entry

In ProTrac’s Order Entry we give you access to all inventory via searches by Product Line, Class, Sub Class, Word in text (180 characters), Wild Card (Partial Word in Text), Item # (24AN) or Partial Item #. You will be able to do all look ups including Purchase Orders, Past Purchases of an item by the customer, go to the item’s Web site from Order Entry, and see all pricing for this customer and item combination - All Without leaving Order Entry


Both the ýorder entryý module and the ýpoint of saleý module in ProTrac® are built around simple menu structures. These modules and their integration to the inventory module, the accounts receivable module and the purchase order module will give your operators the tool for unparalleled customer service.

Multiple Tasks Can Be Performed Simultaneously by Point of Sale Operators, as You Create/edit an Order:

  • Searching for customer information
  • Checking item(s) availability and prices
  • Suspending orders for later retrieval and editing
  • Creating ýspecialý orders
  • Recalling existing open orders for easy editing, etc.

Purchase Orders

Working with a Planned or Submitted PO – ProTrac gives our customer a report that lets them see the sales of every item on the PO and a report to tell them if anyone has ordered an abnormal number of a product, including the customer’s name and order number.

With ProTrac®’s purchase orders module, the whole process of purchasing becomes fast, easy and accurate. You have all the information you need at your fingertips to assist you in purchasing the right inventory, in optimal quantities and at the right time.

Automatic or manual P.O. generation, ordering by vendor’s stock numbers, suggested re-stocking levels, optional calculation of re-order points, drop shipment capabilities… These are just a few of the powerful features that you will gain with the use of this module…

Powerful Features of This Module:

  • Automatic or manual purchase order generation
  • Back order fulfillment
  • Bar code receiving
  • Browsing & search screen: By Purchase Order, item, or vendor
  • Centralized purchasing: For multiple locations
  • Cost of goods received information
  • Drop shipment capability
  • Easy purchase order editing


Quotes are a function of the point of sale and/or the order entry module that empowers you to ýprepareý the best pricing available for your customers.

With the ProTrac®’s quotes function, the whole process of selling at quoted prices becomes fast, easy and accurate.

All the needed information and functionality is at your fingertips, ready to assist you in pricing your sales at optimal levels at the same time that you maintain price consistency and does not conflict with needed inventory quantities.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

every distributor has returned product that needs to be sent back to the factory. ProTrac’s RMA lets our customer stay on top of that process.

SWOT Testing a Customer

Each time a customer calls, your sales person can SWOT test the customer, To see their:

S Strengths – What products they are buying and how often W Weaknesses – What products they used to buy, but no longer buy O Opportunities- What like customers are buying but this customer does not buy T Threats- Are your sales to this customer going down or are your margins on their sales in decline

All of the SWOT information is available remotely via your Android device, I Phone, I Pad, or laptop

Product Overview

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User Reviews of ProTrac

Submitted on May 18th, 2014 by Dennis Funderburg

ProTrac has been our software vendor since 2004. The software has helped us to maintain excellent control over our inventory, customer pricing and customer sales. ProTrac offers a Fast Order Entry and a Complete Replenishment Program that has let us keep Inventory In check, while improving our customer service levels.

Submitted on May 18th, 2014 by Brad Brunia

ProTrac is a very Powerful System! In 2003 we made the decision to replace our old software. We looked at several systems and in the end chose ProTrac. It has helped us expand while maintaining our emphasis on Customer Service. We have the right products at a competitive price.

I use the Results Report Generator to create reports that I want. If I get stuck I contact PDSI and their support team will come in and help me get the information that I want. It is part of the support contract.

Submitted on May 18th, 2014 by Ben Rymon

We have been working with ProTrac and PDSI as our software provider since 2004. They maintain ProTrac at a level that allows us to concentrate on selling more equipment. I never worry about our data because the ProTrac database is rock solid.

Submitted on May 18th, 2014 by Will Bridges

We have worked with Professional Data Systems and ProTrac since 2001. They continue to add new versions which is covered in our software support. The ProTrac software and their development has allowed us to grow and be profitable.