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eInteract Features

Product, Sales and Order Configuration Management – eInteract allows sales and engineering requirements to be integrated into the process, ensuring pricing and correct configuration of complex products. Product and Order management provides proven and significant returns in the areas of improved margins (reduction or elimination of mistakes both in pricing and configuration), lower costs (less engineering or internal support requirements), better customer service (buying experience and reduced lead times), and overall lower transaction costs.

Specific Features Include:

  • Easy rules creation with drag and drop capability that allow engineers to impart and maintain sales knowledge database.
  • Ability to create code driven, natural language specification or sales diagnostic configuration input.
  • Correctly prices product, orders or services.
  • Unique object orientation that allows a single set of rules to support multiple products within a product family.
  • Complex pricing and look up capability with multiple price book look up, and formula based pricing.

Sales and Business Expertise Management – eInteract ensures the correct product selection and interactive expertise is available at the web site to recommend to the customers exactly the products that they need. Sales and business expertise improves the selling experience while reducing costs by providing expert knowledge about your products and services with out the cost of live personnel. Reduced overhead comes in the form of creating interactive and dynamic scripts to accurately collect all critical data every time.

Specific Features Include:

  • Interactive prompting of questions and filtering of choices based on built in ýexpert logic.ý
  • Ability to link to more information, find or select ýfound productsý to a shopping cart
  • Rules creation can be through intuitive drop and drag graphical interface.
  • Data collected can be stored for sales analysis.

eInteract can be used in conjunction with SalesTransact.

Order Configurator

Order Level Configuration (a.k.a. System Configuration): Order Level Configuration ensures that all of the selected items are compatible and that all required items are included in the order or quote. The History of the Interactive Session is returned to the Host System as well as the Results of the Interactive Session, which includes the parts, resources and quantity. This may be stored as part of a quote, order or shopping cart record.

Note: After performing an Order Level Configuration, products requiring further configuration at the line level may be configuring but only if Product and/or Sales Configuration capability has been Licensed.

Product Configurator

Product Configuration (Configuring Selected Items): Product Configuration allows a user to define feature/options, attribute or parameters to configure a single product. The History of the Interactive Session is returned to the Host System as well as the Results of the Interactive Session which includes a bill of materials, routing, and set of processing instructions that may all be stored as part of a quote/line record.

Sales Assistance

Sales Assistance: This application also finds and selects the appropriate conclusions during an Interactive Session. In addition, this application allows the user to find exactly what products or parts meet their requirements. Whereas a ýGreeterý might help a user find out what area a product might be found in, a Sales Assistant can tell you exactly what is the right product for your use. Sales Assistance can also be used to up or cross sell products. The History of the Interactive Session, without rolled up prices, is returned to the Host application along with Results which include any parts, verbiage on part (or why this is the right part for you (Process Instructions), services (Resources) and Constants.

The output may be used to direct the user to a section in the Web site or an appropriate product category or sub category of parts. It may also be used to suggest parts, services or reasons for buying.

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