WiSys Supply Chain Management System

Real-time supply chain and warehouse management for Exact Macola.

About WiSys Supply Chain Management System

WiSys Supply Chain Management solutions integrate seamlessly with the Exact Macola ERP. This allows Macola users to record all business transactions in real-time, starting at the first touch point in the organization. WiSys adaptable tools are purpose-built to automate unique business processes and allow agile business decisions based on real-time data through:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Production Management
  • Order Processing
  • Shipping and Packaging
  • Pallet Management
  • Bin / Serial / Lot control

WiSys real-time Supply Chain solutions for Exact Macola provide a tangible Return on Investment.

The benefits of real-time recording of data include lower costs, fewer data entry errors, improved customer service, reduced inventory, better compliance, and the ability to expand without additional personnel.

Manufacturing Execution

WiSys has flexible Manufacturing applications that allow the reporting of material and production to a mobile device or a desktop work center, for either the Macola POP module or Shop Floor Control production system. This enables real-time data for both material and production status, resulting in better management of the production process.

POP Work Center Reporting

WiSys POP Manufacturing Execution allows you to identify Bill of Material components as material that should be issued to a POP order instead of simply back-flushed. POP production of Finished Goods can also be recorded using a mobile data collection device or on a workstation including reporting production of complete pallets.

Shop Floor Work Center Reporting

WiSys Shop Floor Work Center Reporting (SFWCR) is a robust solution that makes Shop Floor data collection easy, including clock in and clock out labor collection by job. You can issue and return raw materials to a Shop order as well as report production using either a mobile data collection device or on a workstation. You can again issue entire pallets easily to an order and report completed pallets of finished goods.

Real-Time Data Collection Benefits:

  • Focus on Work, Not Data Entry
  • Integrated Label Printing
  • Up-to-Date Job and Labor Information for SF
  • Reliable Job Status
  • Accurate Manufacturing Cost Information

Pallet Management

WiSys Pallet Management provides a very robust solution for building, stocking, counting, shipping and recording the movement of pallets. WiSys Pallet Management relies on a tier of business logic built on the Agility Adaptable Framework that is designed to add a new data structure to Macola for packaging.

With WiSys Pallet Management you can build a pallet on-the-fly, as part of PO Receiving or during the fulfillment of your manufacturing production process with our Macola Manufacturing Execution solution. When you build a pallet, a unique Pallet License Plate number is generated, which allows you to record the movement of the pallet within your warehouse by simply scanning the pallet ID using a mobile data collection device. When it comes to Order Fulfillment, you can perform a pallet letdown process to replenish your picking bins or you can scan a full pallet to add it to a shipment as part of our Advanced Packing and Shipping (APS) solution.

Pallet Features

  • Inventory
  • Receiving
  • Transfer
  • Letdown
  • Destruction
  • View


  • Material Issue
  • Material Return
  • Pallet Put Away
  • Reporting Finished Goods
  • Load Pallets for Shipping
  • Pallet Label Printing (LPNs)


Shipping can be one of the most demanding processes in your operation. This is where your customer creates unique requirements on your organization to be flexible to meet the highest standards of customer service. WiSys Shipping Logistics solutions are designed to allow you to tailor a solution to meet your most complex shipping processes.

WiSys ofers a simple shipping process as part of WiSys Warehouse Management (WMS). It is a simplified data entry form operating on a mobile data collection device and efficiently processes and confirm ships your orders.

Alternately, WiSys Advanced Packing and Shipping (APS) creates a new data structure for packaging allowing you to define the type of packaging in use as well as the processes to fill them. You can then tailor your packing processes on a mobile data collection device to pack in the aisle or the shipping dock or on a workstation to pack at a work center.

WiSys APS integrates directly with UPS, FedEx, and USPS and will print any type of documentation required by your drivers including a Bill of Lading or a Packing List. WiSys APS also provides seamless integration with EDI.

Warehouse Management

WiSys Warehouse Management (WMS) is the key component of WiSys Supply Chain Management System (SCM). The primary focus of WMS is to control the movement, storage and accounting of materials and finished goods through the warehouse including cycle counting, receiving, put-away, picking and shipping. WiSys WMS is based on the concept of real-time material management and is built on the Agility Adaptable Framework.

Benefits Include:

  • Shortening Order Turnaround Times
  • Higher Inventory Accuracy
  • Increased Order-Fill Rates
  • Improved Shipment Accuracy
  • Bin Management
  • Inventory Reductions
  • Fewer Data Entry Errors
  • Lot Tracking Compliance
  • Integrated Transactional Label & Document Printing

Product Overview

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