Workforce Manager

A labor and time tracking application for manufacturers.

About Workforce Manager

You know what you need to produce and have determined the best plan for producing it, but now you need to track it to know where you are in the manufacturing process and to find out the actual cost of manufacture.

In job shop or repetitive manufacturing environments knowing the anticipated delivery date and the cost of manufacture is important stuff! It allows you to keep your customers informed, but more importantly determines your profitability.

Quantity + Hours = Actual Cost

Selling Price – Actual Cost = Margin

Timesheet systems (paper-based or electronic) rely on your workforce, manually tracking when they started and ended a particular task or operation. Difficult to do when you have 40-50 tasks a day! With the Workbench app that comes with Workforce Manager, we work differently. Not only can your workforce start/stop a task using a “stop-watch” style clocking mechanism, but used in conjunction with Planning Manager you receive a list telling you what job/task is next. Enabling you to multi-task (i.e. start/stop multiple jobs or operations at the same time)!

Workforce Manager can be used for ALL your employees, not just the shop floor. It can track the time you start/finish your day and productive/non-productive time during the day (i.e. engineering, meetings, training and breaks). All the information recorded is then presented in easy to understand dashboards that promote healthy competition and productivity!!

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