EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI)

An EDI software system designed by EXTOL International Inc.

About EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI)

The EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) gives you a single, middleware platform you can use to integrate your data and applications without coding. EBI is a learn-once, apply-to-many tool that you can use to build maps, business rules, processes, event triggers, and manage exceptions and alerts.

The EXTOL Business Integrator platform is widely used by companies across multiple industries to introduce new efficiencies to stay competitive. Our power users have been able to virtually eliminate custom coding, so common in integration implementations, and use EXTOL’s products as the hub of their entire IT infrastructure.

The EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) is a fully integrated, self-contained integration platform that can be installed in minutes and offers the same navigation infrastructure no matter what type of integration process you are building or managing.

It replaces EDI translators, mapping tools, XML integrators, data integration tools, communication gateways, and web services toolkits. With EBI, you can build, test, run, and manage data, application, and cloud integrations – with just one investment in software and skills.


  • Runs on Windows or Linux If you migrate from one operating system to another, you will be able to easily move all of your application integrations to the new system. Even connects to IBM i DB2 database files.

  • Provides Data Integrators for EDI, XML, database, flat file, and spreadsheet data Smart integration that structures the data in the format (look and feel) of the syntax.

  • Transforms Data Between Formats for Virtually Any System, Application, or Service

  • Provides Application Integrators for ERPs and other applications Integrate with commercial or custom applications that rely on web services, files, databases, messaging, and application-specific APIs.

  • Includes Communications Functions (AS2, Web Services, FTP, FTP/S, SFTP, and SMTP)

  • Integrates SaaS Applications and External Web Services With Internal Applications and Data

  • Automates the process of on-boarding new trading partners, using the EBI Project Generator For example, the EBI Project Generator uses any existing EDI Project as a template to generate the new Project with the partner-specific information.


  • Design-Time Toolset The EBI Studio is a GUI-based design-time toolset you can use on your local workstation to design, build, and test integration projects without coding.

  • Test Environment A fully functional instance of the EBI server that you can use to test integration configurations built using the EBI Integration Studio before putting them into production.

  • Production Environment The EBI run-time server is used to put the projects you have built and tested into production, and monitor those activities. You can deploy, maintain, and manage your integration environment.

  • Disaster Recovery License If your production server ever fails, this license gives you the ability to immediately shift to a backup environment you have created, using your own replication systems and methodologies.

  • Log Warehouse The Log Warehouse server stores historical transactions, and is accessible through the Dashboard.

  • Dashboard A Web-based dashboard server that you can use to run pre-defined EDI transaction-based and graphic reports

  • Hosted Subversion (SVN) Repository No cost, immediate access to your own dedicated repository. Connect, store and share objects via secure HTTPS.

  • Secure AS2 Server EXTOL Secure Exchange (ESX) can send and receive data in any format, including EDI, XML, and flat files.

  • Web Services Create and maintain SOAP and REST consumers and providers without programming.

  • FTP Support Exchange data with external FTP servers via standard FTP, FTPS, and SFTP.

  • SMTP

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