AIM Vision EDI

A software system designed by AIM Computer Solutions.

About AIM Vision EDI

The base EDI product handles all the translation necessary for transmitting X.12 and EDIFACT transaction sets to and from trading partners. We offer EDI software for more than 150 different trading partners. Each are priced individually, so that you only purchase what you need.

Key Benefits

  • Handles all transaction sets required by automotive and non-automotive trading partners and repetitive manufacturers
  • EDI fully integrated with Release Accounting, Shipping, Scheduling and MRP/CRP
  • Complies to customer needs for electronic material releases and advanced shipping notifications thus meeting customer requirements for order processing, therefore improving customer service
  • Allows for receipt and transmittal of transaction sets to be auto-scheduled, thus freeing up the operator to do multiple tasks
  • Meets customer requirements for order processing, therefore improving customer service
  • Compares supplier cum and customer cum as a basis of creating firm and planned finished goods then passes this demand on to Production Scheduling for planning material and capacity needs
  • Records shipments entered via the Shipping application in the Release Accounting shipment history files for accumulative shipment reconciliation
  • Creates Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASNs) automatically via the shipper entry, which comply with industry standard requirements
  • Ship code logic identifies days of the week that a particular item should be shipped to a particular destination, eliminating release interpretation of when to ship

Product Overview

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