EDI integration software.


BSI EDI gives you support for a rich gamut of document/EDI formats.

  • cXML Format (Ariba) - Exchange Transactions via this Popular Portal
  • XML Format - You can exchange orders and other transactions with many sources or destinations – eCommerce sites, vendors, etc.
  • CSV Format - Have a supplier that can’t or won’t accept EDI or XML? Send them CSV in an automated fashion. Import order CSV files … the possibilities are endless!
  • Traditional EDI - Exchange Transactions in many EDI formats (ANSI, VICS, UCS, EDIFACT, etc)
  • Integrates with Most Popular EDI Standards and Versions

BSI EDI is an automated solution - it’s designed with you in mind. What does this mean for the users? BSI EDI can be configured to automatically exchange day-to-day transactions: inbound, outbound, etc. and simply “notify” when those processes are completed. Exceptions are the only thing that must be dealt with – items not cross-referenced, unrecognized shipto’s, etc. Take a look below to see some more about how our EDI solution works with your accounting/distribution system.

  • Seamlessly Integrate Inbound Transactions as Quotes or Orders without Intervention (PunchOut, 850, 860, 875, 830, etc.)
  • Automatically Generate Outbound Transactions (810, 856, …)
  • Internal Users Get Notifications when Transactions Come In or go Out Integrate Planning Schedules from Customers (830, 862, …)
  • Transaction Exceptions are Reported and Easily Corrected
  • Generate Supplier-Side Transactions (Outbound PunchOut, forecast, 850, 860, …)
  • Generate or Accept Other Non-Standard Transactions (new store info, etc)
  • Integrate with many ERP and WMS systems

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