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Vantage Point EDI

A software system designed by Data Masons Software, LLC.
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Vantage Point is a complete EDI and XML processing platform that enables users to achieve EDI intgration. Vantage Point is compliant with virtually any trading partner and has all EDI components integrated into one solution.

Perform transactions such as:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Advanced Ship Notices
  • Planning Schedule/Realease
  • Supply Chain EDI
  • Remote Warehouse Integration
  • Transportation Management
  • PO Acknowledgement
  • Product Activity
  • Product Catalog
  • VAN Service
  • and much more…

Files can be loaded from a variety of formats including ASC X12, EDIFACT, ASCII delimited or fixed position and XML.

Reviews of Vantage Point EDI

Todd from Trimaco, LLC says...

While better than the competition Vantage Point proves there is a long way to go with EDI solutions for MS Dynamics GP.

The good: The GUI is the best of all GP EDI solutions and it is a single solution, not a mash-up of 3rd party software repackaged which can lead to finger pointing between software vendors.

The bad: Map deployment is difficult and typically requires development beyond the purchase of the base map kit. Wouldn’t be so bad if this was accounted for in the support model. Data Masons post deployment support is lacking, slow and should be completely reevaluated. They should assign consultants and backup consultants to become familiar with every account. This would increase their billable support revenue and eliminate cross training problems in their current “help desk” call center style support.