A management file transfer and data repository from OpenText and Liaison.

About ECS/Delta

Connect every corner of your enterprise with ECS, Liaison’s communications server. Liaison Delta will also let you create just about any integration solution imaginable.

ECS will route and process data using today’s prevalent internet communications protocols. While ECS can be used on its own, it is typically run in conjunction with Delta, Liaison’s data translator. When paired together, they provide a complete enterprise application integration (EAI) solution that coordinates diverse applications, databases, and e-Commerce formats across your enterprise.

As a universal data translator, Delta not only supports EDI standards (X12, EDIFACT and TRADACOMS), but a variety of other data formats as well, including data (flat) files, database tables (via OLE DB), and XML. Delta also supports mapping to free-form text formats such as HTML to aid in Web integration.

Pair ECS with Delta, our data translator, and you have an enterprise application integration (EAI) solution capable of coordinating the many diverse applications, databases, and e-commerce formats found in your enterprise. In this role as middleware, the two applications work seamlessly together, with ECS delivering data to Delta for translation and then picking it up again for delivery to external trading partners or internal back-end systems. When ECS passes arriving EDI or XML data to Delta, Delta uses the data’s content to automatically determine the appropriate map(s) to run. In addition, you can establish map execution schedules from ECS.

When Delta and ECS are run in tandem, you’ll have the following additional capabilities, technologies, and features at your fingertips:

  • Automated application-to-application integration
  • Automated e-commerce -to-application integration
  • XML data tracking
  • Web services
  • Extensive solution management

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ECS/Delta Capabilities

  • Multi-Server Deployment
  • User Interface
  • Menu Overview
  • Data Transfer and Security Protocols
  • Data Flow Management
  • Exception Handling
  • Data Viewing and Tracking
  • Security
  • Trading Partner Management
  • Easy Modeling of Data Formats
  • EDI Modeling
  • Data File MOdeling
  • XML Modeling
  • Database Modeling
  • Text Document Modeling
  • Flexible Interface
  • Drag-and-Drop Mapping
  • Advanced Rule Components
  • Mapping Tools
  • Map Testing and Debugging
  • Solution Manager

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