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About TrueCommerce

TrueCommerce EDI platform is uniquely designed to make it simple and easy to implement EDI, and even easier to afford. That’s why only TrueCommerce can provide all of the following benefits:

  • Single-source, end-to-end solution - Everything you need to fully implement EDI from one source!
  • Point-and-click functionality - User interface that makes the Electronic Data Interchange translation software as intuitive to use as e-mail!
  • Customer support - Friendly and knowledgeable EDI specialists at the office in Pittsburgh, PA, USA are just a phone call or e-mail away!
  • Free software updates - No charge for updates to the translation or EDI mapping software, even if modifications are due to specification changes made by your trading partners!
  • Network savings - Save as much as 50% over traditional Value Added Networks, plus no annual subscription commitment required!
  • No annual maintenance fee

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The TrueCommerce EDI software can be integrated with virtually any accounting or business system. A Business Systems Plug-In (BSP) maps your EDI transactions so they seamlessly transfer to and from your accounting or business system. If you replace your business or accounting system, they will simply swap out your plug-in and the rest of your EDI solution remains intact!

TrueCommerce EDI has earned special recognition and trust from these major software publishers:

  • Sage ý Only EDI solution endorsed by and exclusively distributed by Sage
  • Intuit® ý Gold Developer and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions preferred solution for EDI
  • Microsoft® ý Gold Certified Partner and Certified for Microsoft Dynamics® GP
  • SAP partner
  • Everest

Concurrent Users Feature

This add-on allows you to install Transaction Manager on a server so that multiple users can work with EDI transactions simultaneously.

Electronic Labeling Plug-In

More and more trading partners are mandating that their suppliers affix ASN UCC/GS1-128 compliant, bar-coded labels to cartons and pallets. This utility enables you to create and print UCC-128 labels easily and accurately, right from Transaction Manager and comply with your customersý requests while making your shipping processes more efficient.

Integration Mapping Tool

The TrueCommerce Integration Mapping Tool lets you change and customize Transaction Managerýs integrated transaction maps anytime, with drag-and-drop ease. The tool opens in Transaction Manager and accesses the mapping information it uses to import and export EDI documents with your accounting system.

Multi-Company Module

This add-on lets you add another company to Transaction Manager to accommodate growth in your operations, whether through acquisitions, expansion or creation of subsidiary companies.

Packing Lists

The Packing List Option From TrueCommerce EDI Solutions:

With more and more trading partners requiring packing lists, this enhanced feature in Transaction Manager will help you maintain compliance with your trading partners and give you more time to focus on your business.

  • Manages all trading partner requirements for packing list templates, including content, data and graphics ý and updates them for you whenever the trading partner makes changes
  • Eliminates the hassle of creating and managing packing lists yourself ý or printing them from different systems
  • Enables you to simply click the Print Packing List icon directly in Transaction Manager from all inbound and outbound transactions
  • Provides automatic updates to your Packing Lists as directed by the trading partner, requiring no setup time for you; all part of the ongoing free support and maintenance

Shipping Module

Transaction Manager Shipping Module

The Shipping Module from TrueCommerce allows you to import and export your data between systems to automatically populate necessary shipping carrier data. Itýs simple, fast and streamlines your shipping processes.

Additionally, with the Shipping Module you can:

  • Decrease time spent manually entering shipping data
  • Enable the import and export of shipping data between Transaction Manager and your shipping carrier software
  • Minimize data entry errors
  • Support multiple shipping carriers for your various customers or trading partners

Transaction Manager Event Scheduler Feature

With the Event Scheduler you can automate a wide variety of common Transaction Manager tasks ý such as getting and sending transactions, importing and exporting transactions between Transaction Manager and your accounting system, and backing up the Transaction Manager database. Turning this feature on creates further time-saving and productivity value for your business.

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User Reviews of TrueCommerce

Submitted on November 14th, 2019 by Eli Rustenbach

All big box stores have their own websites and specific ways the orders need to be formatted and it’s very time consuming and error-prone. This means chargebacks or decreased customer satisfaction.

Our last ERP was not cloud-based. We saw TrueCommerce and that it was connected to NetSuite and it was a seamless process to move to the cloud and they helped with everything. We set up a few fields in our NetSuite and we were done. We can now connect to a multitude of customers on their own websites and focus on how we can sell to them and their experience rather than how orders are formatted.