A multi-module management system designed by vSync for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About vSync EDI

This product appears to no longer be sold or supported. Please visit the EDI software page for alternatives.

vSync EDI provides the ability to send and receive a variety of EDI documents within Dynamics GP, resulting in trading partner compliance and dramatic increases in accuracy and speed of the order-to-cash process. This software was developed specifically for integration with Dynamics GP to processing EDI documents of both Sales Orders and Purchase orders.

As you know, your customers and vendors often want the EDI transactions in a certain format. With vSync, you can meet those requirements, reduce chargebacks and improve vendor rankings.

Some other features you can see in the vSync EDI program include:

  • Comprehensive EDI Alerts and EDI Notifications - Create issue logs and audit reports, generate holds on orders that are not compliant or do not match the customer or vendors requirements.
  • EDI Label Creation - Generate customer and vendor specific EDI ship notices and UCC-128 bar code labels.
  • Multiple EDI Cross Reference Abilities - Cross reference information in Dynamics GP
  • Manage EDI Chargebacks - Suppliers can receive EDI 820 remittance advice documents.

ASN Manager

The Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) sub-module of vSync EDI provides an embedded solution within Dynamics GP that helps customers generate trading partner-specific ASNs and labels.

The ASN (856) is the EDI document that trading partners require for notification of incoming shipments. In addition to the ASN (856), most trading partners have their own requirements, which as you know, can cause quite a headache for you when you have to create an ASN manually. vSync’s ASN Manager helps to stop the headaches before they happen.

As this is integrated with Dynamics GP, you use one system to complete ASN processing. The integration will save you time and reduce errors typically made by double entry.

Remote Warehouse

Do you utilize a third party warehouse that also has EDI capabilities? vSync’s Remote Warehouse sub-module is used to process electronic pick tickets and other documents with EDI-capable remote warehouses. You can send pick tickets to the remote warehouse, receive EDI shipping advices and keep your inventory synced with the warehouse.

With the Remote Warehouse feature you will:

  • Maintain compliant cycle times
  • Streamline order processing
  • Provide timely data for customer service
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Have better control and management of your distribution environment.


If your company is running Microsoft Dyanmics GP and you ship product, vShip is a tool you need. Streamline your shipping processes while improving accuracy and transaction costs.

With integration to Dynamics GP, your order fillers can pull up sales orders and manage shipping requirements. You can send the shipping data back to Dynamics GP allowing sales and customers instant access to shipping information like tracking number and package contents.

As vShip works with many different shipping carriers, you can shop the rates of the major carriers and easily select the one that works best for you. This software is a good step up from a basic shipping system and for companies that don’t yet need a full Warehouse Management System.

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User Reviews of vSync EDI

Submitted on December 30th, 2022 by Chris Thornton

Excellent across the board

The Good…

I used this software at my former employer and it was fantastic! It is EDI software written by EDI people. It made my job so much easier. Excellent error handling and very intuitive. I would highly recommend.

The Bad…

I literally do not have anything negative to say about it