Taxi dispatch software developed by TaxiCaller.

About TaxiCaller

TaxiCaller is a cloud-based taxi dispatch solution that helps you save time and reduce costs. A passenger app allows customers to seamlessly book taxis without making a call. Customers can also pay for the ride right from the app. A driver app is also available that allows drivers to easily accept new jobs.

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TaxiCaller Features

  • Booking Management
  • Job Details
  • Dispatching
  • Real-Time Map
  • Operations Reports

TaxiCaller Pricing

The cost of TaxiCaller starts at $25/vehicle/month. Volume discounts are available for large fleet sizes.

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User Reviews of TaxiCaller

Submitted on August 19th, 2020 by Envoy from Envoy

Taxi dispatch system

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Easy to service among the people

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Submitted on July 10th, 2019 by a TaxiCaller user from Yellow Car Taxi

We’ve been using TaxiCaller’s solution for three years now. It’s drastically increased our efficiency and allowed for better fleet management, business growth, easier driver training, happier customers, and the daily comfort of knowing it’s reliable. Stability is critical for us, and with TaxiCaller, service outages have been almost non-existent.