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A software system designed by ADI.

About ADI Time

ADI Time is a completely scaleable, native web, time and attendance solution designed to increase workforce productivity. All our solutions are highly reliable and easy to use.

Our software enables you to efficiently manage labor resources, automate business processes, manage compliance, eliminate several administrative tasks and solve real-world business challenges.

For these reasons and more you can count on ADI Time for your Time and Attendance needs.

Understand and Improve Productivity

ADI Time empowers you with real-time analytical insight and reporting of labor activities, allowing you to make more proactive business decisions. Streamline administrative processes and deploy comprehensive self-service capabilities.

Reduced Labor Costs

ADI Time will automate all employee timecards, enforce all organization’s business rules/pay policies and provide accurate payroll calculation in even the most complex environments. By eliminating manual processes you can decrease your payroll error rates. With reliable, up-to-the-minute tracking of labor data you will also be able to better control labor costs.

Employee Self-Service

Streamline the human resource experience, and save a tremendous amount of time, paper, effort and errors associated with manual workforce administration. The result is increased productivity, lower workforce turnover and fewer management issues.

Absence Management

ADI Time consistently enforces attendance and leave policies. You can set automated alerts and trigger appropriate disciplinary action or rewards. Also, paperless leave requests empowers employee self-service, while automating the distribution of required forms and response letters. Absence trends are also tracked using detailed, on-demand reports.

Comply With Complex Regulations

Supports compliance with complex regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, FLSA, FMLA, Department of Labor laws, and internal policies like union rules.

Real-Time Reporting

Labor and attendance related data can be instantly accessed through our robust offering of standard reports. Our internal report writer is also able to drill down on information to customize real-time, targeted, easy-to-read reports. All of our reports can be e-mailed, printed or exported to formats including Microsoft Excel, PDF and XML.

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