Acentis Time

A software system designed by Ascentis Software.

About Acentis Time

Ascentis Time is a fully automated, Web-based time and attendance solution developed for business of all sizes. Ascentis Time:

  • Eliminates the manual process of collecting and calculating timecards and time sheets by hand.
  • Supports online time-off requests and approval.
  • Is easy to setup, easy to learn, and easy to use.
  • Is fully integrated with Ascentis HR, Ascentis Recruiting, and Ascentis Payroll.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) time and attendance application is Web-based and features online timesheets, clocking in and out functionality, scheduling, time-off requests, detailed reporting, and leave accrual calculations.

This highly configurable solution supports and automates various pay policies to include holiday, accrual, overtime, shift premium, department/job override, lunch and break rules.

Employees can submit time entries via their computer, smart phone, or time clocks. For remote workers who do not have access to a computer or time clock, they can utilize our telephony option to submit time punches from approved telephone numbers.

Ascentis’ Web-based time and attendance software lets you automate the tracking of your employees’ hours.

  • Time and labor management saves labor costs and improves management costs
  • Supports wage and hour compliance with automatically updated wage and hour laws
  • Significantly reduces payroll preparation time
  • Delivers real-time labor management reports
  • Automates totaling of timecards/timesheets
  • Allocates hours by earnings codes
  • Provides information for employee attendance reviews
  • Eliminates rounding errors and payroll paperwork
  • Eliminates costly payroll errors and keypunch errors
  • Eliminates profit leaks

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