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About On-Time Stand Alone

On-Time Stand Alone lets you gather employee time and attendance data simply, easily and accurately. Numerous built-in functions allow extensive data processing and reporting. Written in MS Access, On-Time SA is designed to interface with TRAVERSE® Accounting Software or to be used as a stand-alone time and attendance data solution. It conforms to Windows usability standards and can be customized for your unique business rules.

In order to collect time and attendance data and post it into TRAVERSE or file format, you need two things–the management tool and a way to collect the punches/data. On-Time SA is the management tool and offers many features:

  • Shifts/Schedules On-Time SA helps make the creation of work schedules easier and faster. It allows for unlimited shifts with midnight crossover, so you can run multiple shifts over varying dates without a calculation problem. The automated holiday pay feature allows setup for individual company holiday schedules.

  • Calculations Shift premiums are automatically calculated. Overtime is calculated on a user-defined basis. You also have the option to automatically calculate lunch punches.

  • Attendance Tracking With On-Time SA you can track the history of employee attendance and punches and compare scheduled work times against actual work times. You can set grace periods for punching in and out and have editable rounding intervals (15 min., 10 min., etc.) or exact time calculations. It also allows configuration of paid or unpaid breaks and break lengths.

  • Polling the Data Collector Delayed polling allows unattended polling sessions. Transactions can be edited after polling, and you may override any aspect of the procedure and make changes without having to start all over. You can print the data stored in the data collector without erasing it, but also included is the ability to recover the data if it is accidentally erased.

  • Barcodes On-Time lets you create barcodes for employee or department ID badges or labels, all with your company logo if you choose. You can also create barcodes for jobs or phases for job cost data collection and/or posting into the Traverse Project Costing module. (On-Time Stand Alone can post directly to Payroll or to Project Costing then through to Payroll.) Barcodes may be produced on laser, inkjet, or dot matrix printers.

  • Master File List The Master File list includes Connect Information, Employees, Holiday Pay Schedule, Punch Overrides, Activity Key Cross Reference, Shifts and Label Layouts.

  • Reports Among the reports you can create to verify the data that is collected and help you save time and money are the following:

  • Work Schedule History

  • Schedule/Actual History Comparison

  • Employee Sign Off History

  • Who Is In Report

  • Time Card History

  • Transaction History

  • Daily Transactions

  • Calendar Transactions

  • Exception Transaction History

Data collection can be handled via physical time clock, PC Time Clock", hand held unit, or through a web timesheet application.

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