A web-based multi-module management system designed by Employee Based Systems.

About EBSTime

EBSTime Suite focuses on Time and Labor Management, and is a fully web enabled giving you flexibility not found in other systems. The system allows you to setup complex payroll rules and policies for your organization. You can then generate electronic time sheets which are available for review, modification and approval online. EBSTime comes loaded with time, attendance, and scheduling reports that allow you to reconcile and validate your time sheets with payroll.

The administrative module of EBSTime is loaded with features to help you track and report on employee time. The intuitive system is easy to use and completely configurable. The system provides you with a seamless integration to your payroll system to average time and ensure the accuracy of payroll. The system integrates with all major Sage products, and the Microsoft Dynamics product line, as well as many others. The system will also integrate with various payroll services including ADP, Ceridian, and PayChex. Since EBSTime is a fully web based application, and runs only on a server, it does not require any software on end user workstations, and does not require much in the way of system resources. Backups are automatically created and advanced security features are simple to establish.

The Web Time Sheet module gives your employees the ability to enter their time online, and allows managers collaborate with employees on their time sheet. Since the system is web based and intuitive, there is no need for expensive training and implementation costs. The system will allow your company’s administrator to use either a basic grid-style time sheet or a common spreadsheet view to aid in employee’s ease of use. The ‘Job Transfer’ feature gives you the ability to track labor/material used on specific jobs/projects, for cost accounting.

The rules based time sheet promote self-management among employees. Within the system your employees are able to view their time sheet for the current pay period; request time off, view vacation and illness leave balances, or view their schedule for the pay period.

The system comes loaded with the following modules:

  • Web Time Sheet
  • Web Punch
  • Scheduler
  • Attendance
  • TelePunch


EBSAttendance was designed to calculate your accruals, enable your employees to self manage their time, lower HR costs and reduce administrative costs. The system will be 100% accurate and error free thanks to the built in work flow, preventing employees from requesting more time off than they have accrued. The system is designed to manage any company, regardless of size, allowing you to set different plans for executive, salaried, and hourly employees. The system will calculate your accruals based on hours worked or lump sum. These accruals can be set to occur annually, quarterly, monthly, at the fiscal year, at the employee’s anniversary date, or at some multiple of the anniversary date.


EBSScheduler gives each one of your managers the ability to track attendance, overtime, and tardiness. The system will even give your staff members the ability to cross reference vacations, sick time, and even meetings, giving you an incredible tool for increasing organizational efficiency.

EBSSchduler is designed to automate much of your employee scheduling process. The templates in the system allow you to create employee schedules for a single employee, a group of employees, or an entire shift. The system allows you to make dynamic adjustments and change employee attributes and qualifications, ensuring you are always assigning the right people to the right tasks.


EBSTelePunch will enable you to enter time via telephone, using simple voice commands or keypad responses. The system will prompt for an employee id and password, ensuring the security of the system. Employee Based Systems will create a customized menu for your business, so you can be assured that this system will work specifically for your business. The system supports English, French, Spanish and many Asian languages. EBSTelePunch will provide any company that relies on the work of field staff, with the easy to use, yet powerful time tracking solution they need.

Web Time Sheet and Web Punch

The Web Time Sheet and Web Punch module available for EBSTime is the complete solution to allowing the supervisors and employees to collaborate successfully. Since the system is web-based there is no client software to install, making installation as easy as possible. The system will give you accurate and efficient timekeeping, attendance and schedule management solution. The system even allows you to track labor and materials spent on specific jobs or projects, enabling cost accounting.

The MS-SQL server environment with Microsoft .Net Technology allows the system to be delivered simply and efficiently over the Internet. This will save you thousands annually in IT costs. Every employee can perform many HR tasks from within the system, including: view their time sheet for the current pay period; request time off, view vacation and illness leave balances, or view their schedule for the pay period.

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