FSS TimeKeeper

A software system designed by Food Service Solutions.

About FSS TimeKeeper

FSS TimeKeeper combines the power of the Internet with the certainty of biometrics for attendance, time keeping or job costing. The FSS POSitive ID biometric identification process using fingerprint identification to completely eliminate buddy punching. FSS POSitive ID-KNOW FOR SURE.

TCP-IP connectivity allows you to collect data real time at a central server using only the Internet. It’s so simple to set up and maintain most systems are self installs.

Scenario #1

Sitting in my office in New York I wonder if the plant manager was on time today in my San Diego office. Using the supervisor e-mail option I already know this as FSS-TimeKeeper has an email in my inbox.

Scenario #2

It’s now the Friday, payroll day for all 6 of my locations across the country. There’s no scrambling for data as each supervisor has been sent an email every day of punch in-out. The data sits on the corporate server in New York and is updated instantaneously as each employee touches the biometric reader. I run the report, sign off and payroll cuts the checks. It doesn’t get any easier.

Product Overview

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