HourDoc - Time and Attendance Software

A multi-module management system designed by HourDoc - Time and Attendance Software.

About HourDoc - Time and Attendance Software

A 100% Web Based Open Source Time, Attendance, Scheduling, Client Tracking and Payroll Preparation System.

PC and MAC Compatible. No additional hardware or software required.

HourDoc - Time and Attendance Software

HourDoc’s time and attendance system allows employees to clock in/out from any PC or MAC with internet access. Employees also have an online record of available/used PTO and Sick Time, online Day Off requesting, online shift swapping, time punch reports.

Managers have real time records of who is currently working, all current time punch activity, who is scheduled, who is on break, etc.

Payroll is as easy as choosing the payroll timeframe, approving time punches by department and importing the information to the payroll system.

HourDoc allows for an unlimited number of pay rates, departments and jobs within departments.

HourDoc Client Time Tracking and Invoicing

HourDoc’s Client Tracker allows employees to track billable time for multiple clients and create invoices.

Client Tracker integrates employee payroll information with payroll software. A popular solution for Accounting Firms, Consultants, Law Firms, etc.

HourDoc Employee Scheduling

HourDoc allows quick and easy scheduling for multiple departments and locations. Employees have access to current schedules on line, day off requesting & shift swapping. HourDoc offers support staff scheduling and the ability to schedule employees in multiple departments without shift overlap.

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