TimeStar Software

A web-based time & attendance tracking service designed by Insperity.

About TimeStar Software

The more employees you have, the more complex tracking employee attendance can be. No matter how big your business, Insperity TimeStar time tracking software can streamline your time and attendance tracking, saving you time and money.

Easily Enter Time – in the Office or on the Road

As a Web-based solution, Insperity TimeStar offers a wide range of ways for employees to punch in and out.

  • Web punching – Enter time from any computer, anywhere, any time and it’s compatible with iOS or Android mobile phones
  • Telephony – Enter time from any touchtone phone (including cell phone or landline)

Reduce Labor Costs With Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Insperity TimeStar lets you track, alert and report on employee attendance conditions that can be costing your business money – all in real time.

  • Easily configure Insperity TimeStar to automatically alert you when certain events occur, such as impending overtime conditions, work policy violations and procedural errors
  • With Insperity TimeStar Status Monitor, view who’s in, who’s out and where they’re working
  • Gain critical insight with Crystal Reports, which gives you the real time labor analysis information you need to reduce labor costs

Let Our Powerful Rules Engine Handle Complicated Calculations and Policies

Manually calculating complex rules and policies can be time-consuming and make your data prone to errors. Insperity TimeStar’s rules engine can help sort out even the most complicated calculations and policies for you.

  • Rules engine calculates intricate shift differentials, premium conditions, holiday rules, automated labor allocation, break and lunch rules, union policies, regulatory labor laws and much more
  • Benefits accruals engine and automated requests workflow intelligently manage time-off requests and scheduling changes – approve in just one click
  • Points system calculates up-to-the-minute, attendance-based points policy transactions and balance accruals. It can even provide you with real-time alerts when employees reach defined thresholds

Advanced Scheduling Becomes Easy

Gain a clear view into labor shortages and quickly fill open shifts with real -time communications sent to available and qualified staff.

  • View schedules weeks in advance and make changes at a moment’s notice
  • Have employees pick up or swap shifts anytime

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