ISS Construction Manager

A full ERP system designed by Industry Specific Software for construction companies.

About ISS Construction Manager

ISS Construction Manager is fully integrated job management/accounting software with support for multiple companies and divisions. ISS Construction Manager is specifically designed for the construction and building industries. ISS Construction Manager is written in Microsoft Visual Basic.

There is no limit to the number of companies, divisions, jobs, vendors, or customers that can be run in the ISS Construction Management program. Reports are designed to run on the criteria you choose, not the way we decide you need to run them. Items such as subcontractor quotes, financial formats, chart of accounts, and vendors can be copied to create new ones. If you make a mistake you don’t have to jump through a lot of hoops to make corrections, a pick and click does the trick. Change orders, contract percent complete, cost plus billing, AIA Draws, Contractor Affidavit, historical estimating are just a few of the things the ISS Construction Manager Basic handles with ease.

ISS Construction Manager Basic can be purchased for a single machine or will run in a network environment.

Accounts Payable (Basic Package)

Never overpay an invoice again. You determine the criteria for duplicate invoice and overpayment checking. If a duplicate invoice is found or if the entry of an invoice will exceed job budgets or subcontractor quotes, the ISS system will flag you and allow you to continue or not. Save time with a one-time entry of those invoices that you pay over and over. With recurring payments, you tell ISS how many times and when you want to make the payment and it does it for you.

Take charge of your subcontractor Workers’ Comp and Liability Insurance with expiration date warnings. If their insurance has expired you can withhold the insurance amount from their check. Discounts can be taken on the entire invoice amount or any amount you choose. Take discounts even if the discount date has passed.

Lien waiver management tracks lien waivers and lets you know if they are outstanding or have been signed and returned. A subcontractor or supplier can be put on hold. If you’re having a problem with a vendor, go ahead and enter the invoices for job management purposes. Vendors placed on hold cannot accidentally be paid until the hold is removed from that vendor’s master file. Or if you only want to put a single invoice for a subcontractor or supplier on hold that can be done by placing a hold code on that specific invoice.

If a vendor has uncompleted warranty work a warning shows in the “Select Invoices for Payment” function allowing you to pay the invoice or not. 1099s are easily created.

Accounts Receivable (Basic Package)

With the Accounts Receivable module you have the ability to create and print invoices and statements on demand. Invoices can be created from a standard product file, free form, from the AIA Draw Request, or from Job Management Cost Plus Billing. Maintain customer billings and payment histories. With a couple of quick clicks late charges and recurring billings can be done.

Banking (Basic Package)

You can set up recurring bank drafts and write joint checks. Don’t worry about payments made electronically or funds transfered from one bank to another, ISS will record them for you. If you receive money before a job is complete you can apply cash on account. You can keep track of who owes what and when it has been paid.

General Ledger (Basic Package)

ISS comes pre-loaded with three charts of accounts - NAHB, CSI and Remodelers. You can choose one of these charts and modify it to suit your needs, or you can enter your own chart from scratch. ISS doesn’t care if you use alpha, numeric, periods, dashes, etc., in the account structure. ISS handles the accounting differences for different types of jobs with ease. Closing a job for general ledger purposes is a simple process.

All transactions are recorded in the general ledger. When you enter invoices into accounts payable, enter deposits, write checks, etc., ISS automatically updates the general ledger. You don’t need to add “update” or “batch” to your daily, weekly, monthly routines, because entries are recorded in the general ledger, in job management, in accounts payable, etc., just as soon as the transaction occurs.

A simple click of the mouse lets you inquire on an account. The account balance will always be current. A click on the detail button takes you to the detail transaction screen so you can see all of the transactions in that account. When checks are voided or reactivated and invoices are deleted or corrected, ISS will make all the reversing entries needed. You can keep information for as many fiscal years as you wish. You have the ability to post to prior, current, or future periods.

The general ledger handles recurring journal entries with ease. Budgets can be entered for accounts so actual expenses can be compared against budgets. ISS requires no month-end closings; you have the ability to produce financials and other reports on demand for any period of time, as far backward or forward, as you want to go. Fiscal year-end closing is as simple as a couple of clicks to close out the old and ring in the new.

Job Management (Basic Package)

ISS lets you design job files your way. You can have as much or as little detail as you want. Overhead and profit can be entered as fixed amounts or as percentages. The sales price can be a fixed amount or a floating amount. Subtotals can be shown wherever you want them.

Play “What if” 'til your heart’s content. Pick a job that you have budgeted. Quickly see what happens to the sales price if you increase the overhead by 5%, or see what your profit will be if you enter a fixed sales price. The flexibility of the change order system allows you to have different markups (overhead and profit amounts or percentages and labor burden) for each change order. The ability to copy change orders keeps you from having to reinvent the wheel.

In a hurry to do a quick estimate? Historical estimating will automatically average costs by account for as many historical jobs as you want and project the budget for a new job. You can add cost increase/inflation factors. Because you are using your actual cost information, projected budgets are accurate. A click of the mouse will automatically set up a new job for you.

End surprises from your subcontractors. Track quotes from subcontractors and payments against these quotes. Subcontract management works with accounts payable. At invoice entry, if the invoice being entered will cause the quote to be exceeded, ISS will notify you. You decide whether or not to cancel the invoice or enter the invoice.

The powerful reporting in job management and the ability to view job management information at any time gives you the ability to control your bottom line. When you use the “View Jobs” feature, line items that are over budget will have you seeing red (line items will be displayed in red). You have the ability to produce AIA (American Institute of Architects) draw request information. A couple of quick clicks will update the draw request and change orders and create an accounts receivable invoice.

Generating Contractor’s Affidavits are required by many financial institutions before they will release construction draws. Having this information tracked and reported by ISS can reduce some of the headaches involved with using other people’s money. Automatically calculate and post general ledger entries for jobs on the percent-complete method of accounting. Entries will automatically be calculated but can be changed by you, allowing you to remain in control. Update job budgets from estimating with a few clicks of the mouse. Job budgets can be updated with cost data produced by the estimating system.

Lien Waiver Management (Basic Package)

Print and track all lein waivers issued. If a vendor has any unreturned lien waivers, this will be noted in red when you go into invoice entry and will also flag you when selecting invoices for payment.

Security (Basic Package)

Parental control for the office ! Allow/deny access to entire modules or certain functions within modules. You can lock out reports and track system log files.

Subcontractor Management (Basic Package)

Track quotes from subcontractors and payments against these quotes. Subcontractor Management works with accounts payable. At invoice entry, if the invoice being entered will cause the quote to be exceeded, ISS will notify you.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

ISS Construction Manager is designed primarily for use in the construction industry.

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