A payroll application designed by Joesoftware.

About Penny

Penny is Joesoftware’s web based Employee Portal and eTimesheet solution. Penny’s job is to empower employees by giving them quick, direct access to all their payroll and scheduling information. They can track their hours, look at their pay stubs and a ton of other things. Penny also gives supervisors and administrators a direct route to update management information. Penny even knows how to work with payroll software that doesn’t exist yet.

See what we can do for you in terms of productivity, accuracy, cost control, scheduling and forecasting.

Penny is all over security. Good thing too, since security is Joe’s raison d’être.

You can easily customize Penny’s multi-layer security system. Her programs come with C2 level compatibility. And you can set the level of access for everyone who needs and uses payroll information. Penny uses encrypted data streams and her programs are straight forward and flexible.

Because Penny is web-based software, you don’t need to install any software for users. They get on-line access with a web browser from any computer at work, home, school or internet café. You can even make Penny a part of your intranet.

Penny is intuitive. She anticipates how users think, so they don’t have to waste time trying to figure out how she works.

And she’s not going to break the bank either. Penny is cost-efficient… It doesn’t pay to be anything but, in the payroll business. People really respect her for it.

Penny is our Employee Self-Service and on-line forms product offering Employee Self-Service, E-timesheets,e-leave Requests.

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