A web-based multi-module management system designed by Manusonic.

About SonicEnterprise

SonicEnterprise is a modular solution utilizing a centralized database built on Microsoft SQL Server® technology that provides access to employees regardless of whether they are on the shop floor or behind a desk.

SonicClock: Our time clock module not only provides the traditional time clock functionality, but can also provide your employees with the ability to edit their time all-at-once using the SonicClock’s built-in timesheet editor. Our hardware runs Windows® Embedded in order to provide you with flexible networking options, support for external USB devices and the capability to launch and view your own applications and documents.

Sonic Timesheet Entry: Desktop users can use the PC-based timesheet application to quickly track their time and expenses. Employees who work both in the office and on the shop floor have the flexibility of using SonicClock and Sonic Timesheets interchangeably to manage their time.

Approval Manager: Control costs and increase efficiency by keeping track of employee labor allocations. Sonic Approval Manager supports multi-level management approvals to reduce the time spent reviewing timesheets. Approval management can be configured with as many levels as required. Filters and advanced time editing features streamline the approval process and provide greater control at every level of management.

Alerts: Communicate more effectively with your employees by utilizing alerts. Alerts can be set to display messages by employee, project, task, date or time. Alerts can also be triggered by sign-in/out or when work begins/ends. Managers can quickly and easily send a one-time message to one or more employees or schedule global reminders.

Web: SonicWeb provides the flexibility of entering and managing timesheets from anywhere using a web browser. Securely enter time and expenses and allocate them using a list of active project or cost center codes retrieved from the central database. SonicWeb is supported on a wide range of Windows® Server products.

Mobile: Easily track time and expenses on your hand-held device with or without an internet connection. For mobile users with internet connectivity, time and expenses can be entered online through the use of a mobile web browser. Users without an internet connection can store timesheet information and synchronize at a later time.

Multi-Site: The multi-site module allows you to install the SonicClock in multiple locations using a standard internet connection. Data is captured at each location and stored on a central server, providing management with accurate and real-time information throughout the entire enterprise.

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