Mitrefinch Time & Attendance

A time management software system designed for use in a range of industries.

About Mitrefinch Time & Attendance

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance systems allow companies to utilize attendance information to find the best way to increase productivity, cut administration costs, reduce absenteeism, and eliminate costly payroll errors.

The software allows employers and employees alike to take control of their schedules. This system provides the ability to quickly and easily request vacations and view entitlements, as well as swap shifts, all directly within the system. Managers can see what is happening in real-time and have the ability to make the changes needed and approve staff requests within seconds. Administrators see a significant reduction spent on payroll as all attendance information is sent directly to the payroll system, minimizing room for error.

Today, our Time Management System (TMS) is used by some of the world’s leading organizations, across a wide range of industries; including manufacturing, transport and logistics, construction and health centres to name a few.

Biometric Time & Attendance

Improve Time and Attendance Recording. Eliminate Employee Time Theft.

The application of biometric technology in the workplace comes with its own unique benefits. As an employee time and attendance management system, it provides better disciplinary oversight, ensures accurate records, and supports your organization’s security and privacy goals. Mitrefinch’s biometric time and attendance system is easy to deploy, extremely user-friendly, and does not compromise on individual privacy.

How Does It Work?

Biometric technology recognizes employees’ unique physiological characteristics to allow entry into business premises and register arrival and departure times. Our system scans fingerprints, and creates a unique digital representation of each employee. When an employee places his/her finger on the biometric scanner, the software refers to its stored records to verify identity, and allows or forbids access. The clock in/clock out information stored by the system can be used for analysis, work planning, and work ethics issues.

Privacy and Design Flexibility Guaranteed

Our biometric system stores the unique template of employees’ fingerprints, not the actual fingerprints themselves to ensure complete privacy. We can design biometric terminals to meet your specific requirements. For instance, you can implement them as a stand-alone attendance registering system, or use in combination with a swipe or fob card for identity verification and access to all or some areas of your business premise

Mobile Workforce

Seamlessly Manage a Mobile Workforce

Just because your workforce isn’t in an office doesn’t mean our Time and Attendance system can’t work for them.

More employees than ever are working from home, on the road, or traveling from location to location. Our software allows your mobile workforce to interact with Mitrefinch software using any handset running IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry OS. By utilizing the mobile devices that they are already familiar with, employees can clock in/out or on/off specific jobs from remote work sites, request leave, and review their work information in real time. This makes it easier for supervisors and employees to complete a wide range of work related and administrative tasks from an location, at any time.

Using technology such as GPS we can give you accurate information of the date and location an employee has clocked in and out of meaning when an employee says they have finished work you can see where they clocked out as well as when.

  • Take advantage of mobile clocking on remote job sites, or work from home
  • Staff can clock in/out of tasks or projects via a web-enabled device anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage multiple sites and remote staff with ease But what happens when there is no mobile signal?

Even when the employee’s mobile signal is out range from a 3G / 4G / WIFI signal you will still have accurate information for your employee’s time and attendance as the software will back this data up until a suitable signal is established and then sync that information up. The date and location information will remain the same as if it had been uploaded in real-time.

Time Allocation

The ability to accurately manage performance and cost jobs is an extremely valuable strategic asset. Measuring how your departments and employees spends their time and how efficient they are in completing projects or tasks allows you to make knowledgeable decision on production priorities.

Our powerful Time Allocation System allows you to track daily and weekly tasks across multiple cost centres, compare tasks and budgets with those already achieved, and track projects by hours, quantity, or cost.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Accurate calculation of production costs for accurate client quotations and billing
  • Reduces costs through labour planning and overtime control
  • Visual display for easy access to information - data can be viewed as graphs, planners or custom reports
  • Users can clock in and out of different cost centres by specific terminal, PC, PDA, smart phone or tablet
  • Regulatory Compliance - remote staff can register travel time to adhere to company policy
  • Supports management accounting function
  • A real-time view of work in progress is available to managers. Easy set-up, using wizards. Text and diagrammatic display, with user-defined colours. Information can also be viewed as graphs or planners
  • The future work planner can be used to plan daily and weekly tasks including multiple cost centres and staff deployment according to budget
  • Powerful wizard-driven custom report generator makes obtaining meaningful management information quick and easy
  • Project analysis module can track projects and sub-projects by hours, quantity or cost, and can display a grid or a graph with items over budget/estimate highlighted in red
  • Users can clock on and off jobs or in and out of cost centres by specific terminal, PC, PDA, smart phone or tablet
  • Mobile and remote staff can register travel time for payroll purposes and compliance with Work Time Regulations
  • Categories can be set up as type (e.g. department, cost centre, job) or as quantity (e.g. number of items manufactured)
  • Worked hours, absence hours, or both can be selected
  • Key mappings allow use at a single workstation or in multiple locations
  • Work record shows an hours breakdown summary (i.e. the total basic and overtime hours worked by employees and allocated to each category)
  • Work record shows an hours bands breakdown (i.e. when, from start to end of shift, employees actually worked)

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