Human Time

A multi-module management system designed by Nevum.

About Human Time

Nevum’s flagship software package is Human Time. This software tracks and manages your worked hours and attendance, and all other applicable payroll information. Effective HR management can be obtained through this software’s ability to capture labor hours by project or job and then calculate the costs associated with various company projects. By automating many of your time and attendance processes you can significantly reduce your payroll expenses. This product is made up of the modules listed below, giving it scalability and flexibility.

Access Control Solution

This module gives you the ability to employ entrance/exit control, for company employees, contracted service personnel, and visitors. This product will give you advanced controls in managing company security.

Accruals Module

The Accruals module of Human Time gives you a flexible approach to correctly and accurately automating the complicated task of calculating employee benefits. This product gives you functionality in calculating paid and non-paid benefits automatic accumulatives. This module will also track and accommodate employee benefit requests, giving you the ability to implement the services your employees want. Accumulations are incredibly powerful and very flexible, allowing you to customize the program to meet your specific needs. You are able to setup unlimited accrual formulas and automatically assign authorized accruals. The extensive benefits of this module include, but are not limited to:

  • Summarized and detailed accrual balances available on line.
  • Tight integration with time and attendance data, gives you the ultimate accruals solution.
  • Compile and generate complete audit trails.
  • Completely eliminate unauthorized payments due to inaccuracy; saving you countless dollars
  • Employee complaints decrease.

Time & Attendance

This module will give you the ability to control calculate and manage employee time. Additionally, this module collects and manages all necessary payroll information. This module is also responsible for calculate the labor costs associated with individual jobs or projects. This product gives you many features such as the ability to:

  • Perform Multiple Remote Punches
  • Make to organization changes with no adverse effect on the rest of the software data.
  • Manage scheduling
  • Adjust the software to grow with your company
  • Setup payment rules and complex policies administration
  • Perform process improvement and cost reductions
  • Detect fraud and errors
  • Automatically post information to various Payroll, ERPs and Legacy solutions

Product Overview

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