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Paymate Harmony

A web-based time and attendance tracking and scheduling solution designed by Paymate.
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Harmony is a comprehensive true web based time and attendance tracking and scheduling solution ideal for businesses with single or multiple locations. The software’s scalable and intuitive technology brings together, coherently, the disparate functions of time capture, labor tracking, absence management, scheduling, self-service, communication and reporting. Harmony offers a reliable, cost-effective solution with a short implementation cycle, typically in a few weeks.

Cost Effective Solution

Harmony is very competitively priced. Combined with lean and agile implementation, not only enables you to go live very quickly, but also realize quicker ROI. Uninterrupted business continuity is key to our implementation and training strategy wherein clients can free up their internal resources in record time and focus on their core business.

Fast Facts: Organizations with automated time and attendance solutions achieve 12% greater workforce capacity utilization than those with manual time and attendance processes.

Visionary Technology

Harmony employs web technology and Microsoft SQL database for excellent performance and security. Harmony is designed to be more than a time keeper through its embedded intelligence and robust technology. Harmony’s full support for smart phones, tablets and time clocks enables the software to be deployed as an on-premise or hosted solution through a multi-tenant architecture.

Professional Services

Harmony’s full range of services includes support, customization, training and data conversion. We will be with you every step of the way – from the initial kick off meeting right up until you go live.

Harmony’s Versatility

Harmony’s flexible and full set of features make it an ideal solution for a wide range of industries. Harmony addresses the business challenges of staff utilization, minimizing time theft, and more. The payroll administrators’ task of getting payroll done is easier, accurate and timely. The managers and employees are empowered to submit and approve from anywhere. Harmony is tailor made for businesses that rely on providing ‘billable-time and knowledge services’ through placement of skilled resources at different local or global locations. IT contractors, health workers, project/program managers are a few examples to cite. Harmony’s scheduling solution can be leveraged upon by services companies in the hospitality, banking, retirement homes and health care sector to address complex scheduling requirements through an interactive approach. Product manufacturing companies can benefit from all the above features and can additionally use the ‘productivity vs costing’ feature to drive optimum efficiency in their shop floor.


Harmony interfaces and integrates in both directions. Harmony will accept data from time clocks, spreadsheets and flat files and export data for payroll, job costing, and user defined files.

Absence (Time Off) Management

The absence planning module is a powerful planning tool that gives managers visual calendars to plan and track employee absences. The time off entitlements can be calculated based on employee seniority, start date or other parameters and can be analysed using unlimited user defined ‘time off’ types. In addition, the analytics enable managers to view charts such as ‘Requested vs Actual time off’.

Reports and Real-Time Reporting

Harmony is not limited to being a mere collection, access and distribution center of data. The intuitive built-in analytics can deliver reports that can be customised with filters to give managers real time insights into 35 different metrics.

Harmony’s real time reporting draws relevance to aspects of project management. In line with the quote, ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure,’ Harmony addresses today’s business needs with a real-time reporting feature on projects and tasks. This feature allows project managers to define project team members, track projects and task estimations and even allows their client’s access to review and approve time records.


Time Scheduler is the central piece of the time and attendance software. Everything else falls in place when shifts, (flexible, fixed or rotating) and schedules, (single or multiple or both), are defined. Harmony’s Scheduler is built to precisely address these finer aspects of shifts and schedules. Harmony’s Scheduler enables managers and employees to perform multiple activities on the fly. When scheduling, managers can view a time-off calendar that tells who is in and who is out thereby avoiding conflicts. Employees can view the assigned shifts and download it to their Outlook calendar.

Self Service

Harmony Self Service empowers managers and employees to view time sheets, vacation balances and absences. The employee can submit time-off requests and manager(s) to approve them. Email reminders to managers and flexible workflows expedite the time-off approval process and ensure accuracy and compliance. Additionally, managers can look at a compilation of aggregated team hours and track employee time to specific activity and activity based costing information. Tablets and mobile applications offer the advantage of being location independent. Employees can also download the schedules to Outlook.

Time Capture

Harmony gives you a full range of devices to capture time including time clocks, computers, tablets and smart phones and apply overtime, breaks and grace period rules defined by you. The system will also allocate costs by job, cost center, work order, project, task, etc. Optionally, the system can take a picture of who clocks in and out. Time theft can be virtually eliminated by using the ‘view people in premise’ feature of Harmony and where managers get a real time picture on who clocked in or out and where.

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