Paymate Harmony

A web-based time and attendance tracking and scheduling solution designed by Paymate.

About Paymate Harmony

Start tracking your time with Harmony and see exactly how much time you’re spending on your projects. When the work’s done, easily pay your people thanks to a streamlined payroll integration.

Key Features:

  • Straightforward Web-Based Time & Attendance Tracking
  • Simplified Shift Management & Bidding
  • Works on virtually all PCs & Mobile devices
  • Payroll Integration

Straightforward Time & Attendance Tracking

Select your project and clock in with just a click of a button. Harmony takes the hassle out of time tracking so you can focus on the needs of your business.

Capture Time the Right Way: Harmony gives you a full range of time capture options including a ‘view people on premise’ feature which gives managers a real time picture of who’s clocked in or out and where.

Stay Ahead of Employee Absences: Harmony is a powerful planning tool that gives managers visual calendars to plan and track employee absences. Your time off entitlements can be calculated based on employee seniority, start date or other parameters and analyzed using unlimited user defined ‘time off’ definitions.

Harmony’s other Time & Attendance features include:

  • Supports dedicated time clocks, computers, tablets and smart-phones
  • Harmony offers the option to clock in/out through photo capture
  • Harmony will let you define your clock-in grace periods and rounding rules
  • You’ll be able to capture job, work order, projects info, and task time through our commenting tool
  • Clients can review and approve a consultant’s time sheet
  • Supports daily, weekly, holiday and period averaging overtime rules
  • Harmony will enable you to define a multi-level approval of time entered, to keep everyone accountable
  • When you’re done, you can easily export your time data to any payroll system, or directly to Harmony’s robust Payroll module

Harmony’s time scheduler will help you address shift and scheduling needs with to-the-minute precision. These are some of the scheduling features you’ll be able to take advantage of thanks to Harmony:

  • Support for rotating, fixed or flexible shifts
  • Schedule bidding allows employees to select the shifts they want to work from a list of available shifts
  • Managers can easily Assign and swap shifts and schedules
  • ‘People on premise’ reporting gives management a clear idea of what’s going on at any time
  • Schedule creation per employee takes individual needs into account
  • Employees can easily download their work schedules to Outlook or phone calendars
  • Managers can view the time-off calendar when scheduling in order to avoid conflicts
  • Managers can have shifts auto-assigned to staff based on the staff’s seniority, hours worked, skills, Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) or more options

Mobile Ready

Harmony is Mobile Ready.

What is Mobile Ready?: Managers & Employees will be able to clock in, request time off, request shifts and use the rest of Harmony’s many other features from their phones or tablets from anywhere, so long as they’re connected to the internet.

No app download required: Because Harmony is web-based, all your people have to do is log in through your web portal to access the same functions and features you could on your PC. It’s that simple. Everything in Harmony’s Time & Attendance has been designed from the ground up to work on nearly any device.

Seamlessly Push to Payroll

Harmony’s Time and Attendance and Payroll Modules are seamlessly integrated. With the push of a button, you can send your time data to Harmony’s robust payroll module. Alternatively, you can export a file for integrations with your existing payroll application.

A Few Other Ways Harmony Keeps Your Time & Attendance Zen

  • Track time for all your employees
  • Take advantage of our unique, powerful dashboards
  • Track & manage time against a specific project – for future job costing
  • Easily push employee time spent to payroll
  • Get help fast by calling our world-class support line
  • Managers can always edit timesheets manually to fix discrepancies clockin data
  • We’re always improving our software – take advantage of all of our latest updates absolutely free!

What is a web-based solution?: Your solutions will be run from secure, remote servers, which you will be able to access online through a web-based login portal.

Why Is This Better?

Some of the benefits of web-based solutions include:

  • Access from anywhere. Web-based applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Simplified operation. You don’t need to invest or manage any infrastructure, it’s all outsourced to trusted server providers.
  • Improved security. If you ever lose your business laptop, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe. Also, due to their massive scale, server providers can hire world-class security experts and implement infrastructure security measures that typically only large enterprises can obtain.

Web-Based vs On-Premise:

Desktop applications are platform-dependent (what may work for a Mac may not work for a PC and vice-versa) and require a separate version for each operating system, or complex workarounds.

Conversely, web-based applications can be accessed through a variety of devices and operating systems and are platform-independent, which guarantee you’ll be able to use our solutions on your device.

Web-based is really about how you work, not so much where or when. Our web-based solutions will provide you with a convenient, secure and simple way to manage your time & attendance needs across workplace sites – or even across countries and time zones.

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