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About TimeAttend

Replicon TimeAttend makes it easy to collect attendance and time off data for faster, more accurate payroll processing–helping to ensure compliance with labor laws and internal policies and giving you real-time insight into workforce productivity.

Time Tracking Challenges for HR

Labor costs contribute as much as 60% to overall costs for most organizations. The complexity associated with applying different pay policies for overtime, time off, and other exception time creates significant challenges for payroll managers. Errors are common, and fixing them can be an administrative nightmare. In extreme cases, they can lead to legal liabilities that drain resources and damage a company’s reputation. With more accurate, automated time and attendance tracking, companies can streamline payroll processes and simplify compliance with labor laws and internal policies, which can be quite complex in companies that operate in multiple states and geographies. Real-time insight into workforce productivity enables you to identify and correct inefficiencies. TimeAttend automates tedious manual processes associated with payroll processing, reducing risk and freeing up HR staff to focus on higher-value activities.

Reduce Payroll Errors and Ensure Labor Compliance

TimeAttend delivers the right mix of ease-of-use and advanced capabilities to optimize the labor force of organizations with complex requirements.

Streamline Payroll and Reduce Errors

TimeAttend sends automatic email reminders to ensure timesheets are submitted and approved on time. Centralized time capture and payroll dashboards improve payroll accuracy and simplify processing.

Minimize Labor Compliance Risk

With TimeAttend, you can easily configure business rules to automatically calculate overtime, apply multiple pay rates, and handle rules for meal breaks and other attendance policies to ensure compliance with labor laws and internal policies.

Improve Time Off Management

Comprehensive time off capabilities automate accrual balance calculations to ensure compliance with time off policies. Self-service tools and robust reporting features provide real-time visibility into liabilities and balances.

Ensure Efficient Labor Cost Management

Detailed information about where time is spent helps you allocate resources efficiently and take corrective action to address high-cost areas.

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