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Designed for MAS 90 & MAS 200 Platform

S2 e-Timesheet is a web-based time-keeping module specifically designed to work with MAS 90/200 S2 Project Accounting" module. This robust yet user friendly application enables you to enter, manage & track employee time remotely using the Internet and ASP.net Platform.

The Web Timesheet can be setup to run as a real time program or be scheduled to run on user specified intervals under a SQL Server Database. It collects employee time & brings it right into ERP MAS 90& MAS 200 Accounting System.

DCAA Compliance S2 Incorporated has designed the S2 e-Timesheet" to be compliant with DCAA’s Standard Form 1408 which requires a time-keeping system to be able to identify employees’ labor hours by intermediate or final cost objectives. Under these guidelines each employee assigned to a project(s) is given a secure user name & password to allow access to the system anytime anywhere. The system tracks timesheets based on projects or tasks. Employees who are located in different parts of the country can also be tracked. The system allows audit trails & logging of transactions.


  • Current Logged on Users Report
  • Daily Notice Log Report
  • Employee Audit Trail Report
  • Employee Assignment Report
  • Employee Timesheet Report
  • Missing Timesheets Report
  • Project Manager Timesheet Report
  • Period End Notice Log Report
  • Project Manager Audit Trail Report
  • Submitted Timesheets Report
  • Unsubmitted Timesheets Report
  • Unapproved Timesheets Report

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